Trombones and Baritones

Assigned week of 9/24/18
Students should be practicing about 10 minutes per day (5-7 days per week)

All schools:
-Deep breathing
-Mouthpiece: Long tones, four beat exercises (held and with tonguing), and sirens
-Long tones and four beat exercises (held out and with tonguing) 5-10 x each on notes learned (see below).
    Ayers - F, Eb, D, C, Bb
    Hannah - 
    Cove - 
    North Beverly - F, Eb, D

Dismissal policy forms are due back to Ms. Carr by our next lesson.

Students are encouraged to experiment with their notes after the exercises above!

Assigned week of 9/17/18

At this point, students should be practicing about 5 minutes per day.

Practice taking deep breaths, and make sure you're sitting/standing nice and tall!
Long tones and "4 beat" exercise (try to tap your foot as you hold out the 4 beats). Also try sirens.
On instrument
Long tones and "4 beat" exercise on the notes F or Bb (depending on what came out for the student) 

After this, experiment!

*remember to make sure that you start each note like you're saying "too"