Alto Saxophones

Assigned week of 9/24/18
Students should be practicing about 10 minutes per day (5-7 days per week)

All schools:
-Deep breathing
-Long tones and four beat exercises (held out and with tonguing) 5-10 x each on notes learned (see below).
    Centerville - 
    Ayers - B, A, G
    Hannah - B, A, G
    Cove - 
    North Beverly - 
-Hot Cross Buns (making sure to sustain air and not breathe between each note)

Dismissal policy forms are due back to Ms. Carr by our next lesson.

Students are encouraged to experiment with their notes after the exercises above!

Assigned week of 9/17/18

At this point, students should be practicing about 5 minutes per day

Long tones and "4 beat exercise" on the notes B, A, and G (some schools have only learned B at this point). Try to tap your foot while you play your 4 beat exercise, and always check your posture to make sure you're sitting/standing nice and tall!

After this, experiment!

*Don't forget to soak your reed as you set up and make sure you've picked two reeds to rotate between. Write the date on the reed cases in Sharpie so that you remember when you started using them.

*remember to make sure that you start each note like you're saying "tee"