Concert Attire

It is important that we all dress in a professional manner when we are representing our schools during our concerts. Please try  your best to follow this dress code.

For our spring concert (June), the following guidelines should still be followed but students may wear colors/patterns instead of black and white if preferred. 

Dark pants/(tie and jacket optional)/skirt/dress (black preferred) with matching socks and shoes. Please no sneakers, leggings (unless something like a skirt or dress is being worn over the leggings), or jeans. White/cream shirt without any "advertisements" on it. Depending on the weather, you can wear polo style, button down, or a sweater. Short sleeves are fine for warmer weather. Nice capris are allowed. Skirts and dresses (if worn instead of pants) must cover your knees fully when sitting, or longer. 

If you have any questions about styles or colors please feel free to email me. 

Thank you!