Author Beverly S. Adam


She Rode The Rails

She Rode The Rails is based on the true life of traveling photographer, Mrs. Mary Jane Wyatt. A contemporary of J.B Silvis of the Union Pacific railroad and pioneer photographer, Solomon  Butcher. She was the only woman to own and operate a traveling photograph car on the Nebraska railroad in the late 1800's. She ran studios in Roseville, IL. and in Nebraska towns for over three decades. Mary Jane took many portraits of early pioneers and western landscapes, some of which are included in this book and published for the first time.

The story unfolds as her son, Charles Sears, remembers her life. He recalls how Mary Jane began as an unwed mother working as a lowly housemaid in Ohio to become a successful traveling photographer in Nebraska. With the support of her husband, sheriff and Burlington Missouri River RR engineer, Andrew A. Wyatt, she operated several galleries in a time when women were expected to stay home.

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