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--Club history

The Beverly H
ills Tennis Club began in 1919 with tennis-playing families--the Stephensons, the Nelson Brewers, the Bradleys, the Wallers and others building the first tennis court (of crushed stone) at approximately 90th and Hamilton.  The court's lines were made of galvanized steel and the backstops of chicken wire.  
    The current property at 9121 Hamilton was purchased in 1926 and four clay courts were constructed with clay salvaged from street construction on Damen and Pleasant Avenues.  In 1928 the Beverly Hills Tennis Club merged with the Chicago Tennis Club and the combined membership built the current clubhouse.  Indicating a certain lack of confidence, the clubhouse was constructed so that it could be converted into a single-family home and sold, "if future finances of the club became clouded."  
    Evidently things went well, because the courts 5 ,6, 7 and 8 were added a few years later. The clubhouse was remodeled in 1963-64 and again in 2008. In 1967 all eight courts were resurfaced with hard tru. The last exterior improvement took place in 1972 when the platform tennis court was constructed.  Currently the Beverly Hills Tennis Club has approximately 250 members and is on sound financial footing; therefore we look forward to many more years of tennis and friendship.