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Neidra Nene Celena Demery...Glam team of professionals specialize in working behind the scenes with selective movie producers, music artist, cast directors, and production teams by utilizing her couture lines along with other designer garments for pulls. Nene provide exquisite taste in garments which are utilized along with her professional team of makeup artists, and beauticians showcasing the best of hair care essentials and makeup. The entire production team use their expertise working in TV, Film, Commercials, Video Shoots, Runways, Weddings, Print, Photo Shoots, Beauty Campaigns, and individual Portfolio's.  Behind every celebrity red carpet face, there is a makeup artist who makes the miracle happen and come alive.  

Neidra  20+ years of experience have landed a position working directly with celebrity clientele and casting directors. Supplying her designer garments ensures that cast are well prepared for set mentally and emotionally. Many times cast are a bit nervous while preparing for roles ,but after they see the finishing touches of their glam makeover that's when the confidence begin to set in.  Nene says.... "We use our expertise in applying makeup and hair techniques to beautify all of  the clients. Our cinematic makeup artist  who play an  integral role in the overall "fashion beauty" of the film industry add the right touch of pizzazz to create the desired eloquent appearance. Our skilled makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist, and photographers are extremely knowledgeable in using certain techniques to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We utilize shadow and lighting techniques to accentuate features, making the performer look amazing and feel confident!" 

Neidra Nene Celena Demery...CEO of HOBH Establishment, believes that every queen should be treated like a star.  HOBH take complete pride in creating that unforgettable moment that only you can dream of having . When you look good, you feel good, and ultimately when you feel good about yourself it pushes you to do good.  Nene  take pride to assure that every customer receives that one on one pampering time of glam that they truly deserve. 

When it comes to class, elegance and sophistication HOBH got you covered!!  Let the experts show you how they measure up. Come enjoy the pleasures and sensation in allowing them to give you that complete head to toe beauty makeover that you truly deserve.

Treat Yourself Because You Deserve It...!!!