Volunteer Opportunities

2012-2013 PTA

The Beulah PTA Wants You!


We are currently still looking for volunteers and new members.  This is your chance to a star in your child’s eyes and be involved in your child’s school.  If you would be interested or if you would be willing to help with any program, please feel free to contact Shelby Randolph 804-279-9673.  We will be happy to answer your questions.


Thank you for your support! 


Name:  _____________________________________________________________


Child(ren) & Grade:  __________________________________________________


Phone Number(s): ______________________________________________________


Email Address:  ______________________________________________________



PTA Board Positions-


________        President- In charge of the PTA. Coordinates and runs board meetings.

________        1st VP Programs- In charge of providing programs for general monthly meetings.  Coordinates educational school programs

________        2nd VP Ways and Means- In charge of major fundraising activities.  Screen potential fundraiser groups.  Responsible for distribution of brochures/order forms.  Collects order forms/money, and then disperse merchandise when received at school.  Coordinates School Spirit Nights (i.e. Chick Fil A, McDonald’s).  Manages Box Top/Labels for Education Programs.

________        Secretary- Responsible for recording minutes at board and general PTA meetings.  Contacts board members to remind them of upcoming meetings.  Sends out notes and emails as needed for the PTA.

________        Treasurer- Maintains financial records of deposits/expenditures for PTA.

________        County Council Rep.-Attends Chesterfield County PTA Council PTA meetings.  Reports back to PTA about activities or upcoming issues.

________        Education- Responsible for training workshops (WHALE nights) and attends/view Chesterfield County School Board meetings.  Reports back to PTA about activities or upcoming issues.

________        Hospitality- Coordinates Teacher’s Back to School Luncheon, activities during Teacher Appreciation Week, 5th Grade Graduation Breakfast/Luncheon.

________        Health/Juvenile Protection- Provides information for students during the school year such as Gun, Bus and Internet Safety.  Coordinates Health/Safety Fair.  Works with school Olewis Program

________        Membership- Coordinates PTA membership drive.  Ensures membership dues are sent into local PTA office.  Generates membership cards. 

________        Parliamentarian- Ensures PTA meetings are conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order

________        Publication/Communication- Responsible for quarterly PTA newsletter, providing information on current and upcoming events.  Updates Beulah PTA website.

________        Room Parent Coordinator-  Responsible for informing Room Parents of their duties, collecting donations, then distributing proceeds to Room Parents

_______          Sunshine- Sends cards/flowers to staff members for special accomplishments and/or illness/bereavement

_______          Volunteer Coordinator- Coordinates volunteer sign-ups for various PTA events and other school sponsored activities.  Contacts individuals for needed participation

_______          Reflections Program Coordinator- Coordinates and encourages student participation in showcasing their artistic talents through the Reflections Program

_______          Yearbook/Historian- Provides photos and text for yearbook.  Format yearbook for publishing.  Coordinates yearbook sales. Provides photos and memorabilia of activities throughout the year for scrapbook


Special Projects-


_______          Book Fair- Assists Beulah staff with Book Fair

_______          PTA Hot Dog Dinner- Coordinates annual PTA Hot Dog Dinner

_______          PTA Bulletin Board/Table & Inside Reader Board- Maintains up to date information on communication boards inside and outside Beulah

_______          Holiday Helping Hands- Coordinates the Holiday Giving program for the needy families.  Collects donations, and then delivers gifts.

_______          Grandparent’s Breakfast- Coordinates annual Grandparents’ Breakfast



Remember, the activities sponsored by the PTA are not possible without help from parent or grandparent volunteers.  Without any volunteers, these activities may not be possible to support next year. 


Thanks for your consideration

---Beulah PTA





PTA Volunteer Opportunities (2013-14)

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