Welcome To Betz Mobile Engineering. This whole Idea started when my Professors at ISU asked me to build the WineBot. After carrying a bunch of material and electronics back and forth to the metal lab a few times, The metal professor loaned me a cart and wrote Betz "Mobile Engineering" on it. I liked the way it sounded - so here you are. I decided that I needed a website to showcase some of my skills and the different projects that I have worked on. This shows more about me than a resume could ever. Some people have a portfolio that they carry around with them. I decided to make a website. If I ever needed to I could print a copy out and take it with me, but I figured I would start here.

This website is dedicated to projects that I have worked on. Some of them are purely my projects and some of them are group related. It all depends on when the project took place and the purpose behind the project. I am not saying that other people didn't help me out or give me suggestions. That type of collaboration happened on all of the projects at some point or another. If you are exploring my projects and have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am a friendly guy - I swear I don't bite.