Third Eye Blinds New Album - Green Canopies.

Third Eye Blinds New Album

third eye blinds new album
    third eye
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  • Third Eye is a studio album by Monsoon.
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    new album
  • The New Album is the second album of Auckland-based guitarist Warren Mendonsa, released under the pseudonym Blackstratblues. It was released on 15 December 2009, as a free digital-only download via .
  • The New Album: Previously Unreleased Songs from the Early Sixties (or simply The New Album) is an album by The Everly Brothers, released in 1977.
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third eye blinds new album - Blue
Latest in the series of Stiff reissues. UK budget-price compilation culled from the TV comedienne's long out-of-print 80's albums, 'You Broke My Heart in 17 Places' (1983) & 'You Caught Me Out' (1984). 21 tracks including her hit cover of Kirsty MacColl's 'They Don't Know', 'Breakaway', 'I Know What Boys Like' & 'You Broke My Heart In 17 Places'.

Third Eye Blind's second album will go a long way in helping the San Francisco-based band to shed their corporate-rock label. Less grandiose and obvious than their 1997 debut, the elegantly flawed Blue crackles with energy and dark humor, but doesn't wade in the same pools of gloom and despair as its self-titled predecessor. Frontman Stephan Jenkins has exchanged his intricate stream-of-consciousness musings for more streamlined soulful wordplay. The assertive, inventive guitars recall such big bruisers of yesteryear as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, but without the heavy-handedness. "Never Let You Go," the album's standout, is as catchy as Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl," but with a raw edge and a snarling Jaggeresque rap by Jenkins. Smart, poppy, and ironic, Blue more than solidifies Third Eye Blind's standing as a band on the rise. --Jaan Uhelszki

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Spinning Flashback
Spinning Flashback
I take three spin classes a week because I am completely addicted to this form of cardiovascular exercise. I absolutely love the intensity, the atmosphere, and the high I get after a good class. I regularly burn 800-900 calories during the hour-long lunchtime class. Wednesdays are my hard day. I teach a 45-minute yoga class in the morning at my office, I do a spin-abs-spin class over lunch, and then I go to my yoga studio after work and do a 90 minute Yoga I apprenticeship and then a 90 minute Yoga 3 class. I come home pretty darn tired, but I love it. It is hard to find that physical activity that you love so much, but I have been lucky to find mine: Yoga and Spin. (ETA: I also *love* weight training) My spin instructor, Rosa, is always trying to find new ways to engage us with the exercise, so she thought up a music-themed trip through the decades. We started in the 50s, and each week since January, we have done a new decade. Yesterday's class was the 90s. Ahhh... it was pure nostalgia. I hadn't heard Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life" in many years, but when I heard the opening notes of the song come over her mp3 player, I was instantly thrown back. I was 17 again: Kris and I were driving home from high school and this song was on the radio. The memory was so completely vivid in my head. I was sweating bullets on that spin bike (it's not a true class until sweat pools under your bike....), but my mind was 11 years away, thinking about young love and the happiness of my 17-year old self. I decided to pull up the Third Eye Blind album and listen to the songs again to keep the memories flowing. There were some good songs on that CD... Music is so powerful. Memory is so powerful. Thanks to spin, my quads are getting pretty powerful too :D
Third Eye Blind in concert, 2009 Madison Freakfest
Third Eye Blind in concert, 2009 Madison Freakfest
After kicking off the set with an ice-breaking drum intro segueing into "Can You Take Me" (the lead-off song from the band's new Ursa Major album), Third Eye Blind followed with a solid (albeit brief) hour-long set of songs. I was ecstatic hearing them play "Narcolepsy" live again! Here Stephan clutches the microphone (well behind the audience member's arm), with Brad Hargreaves seated behind on drums.

third eye blinds new album
third eye blinds new album
Ursa Major
Third Eye Blind blasted out of San Francisco when "Semi-Charmed Life" went to # 1 at Modern Rock and their self-titled album sold 5 million copies worldwide. This debut album contained several other chart-topping singles such as Jumper, How s It Going To Be, Graduate and others cementing the band's place in music history. The unique combination of brutal and controversial lyrics mixed with infectious melodies made an indelible connection with fans it s a phenomenon that defines Third Eye Blind and has made them the most requested band on college campuses. The band s song Jumper was recently used in Jim Carrey s movie Yes Man and regularly sells over 5,000 singles a week, 10 years after its release.

Third Eye Blind is an unprecedented story of a band coming into focus with the help of an entirely new youth culture and causing an underground sensation it s a fan relationship that had driven the band and Ursa Major, their first album in six years. In a sense, Third Eye Blind s fans are so inextricably linked that they re considered another member of the band.

From 2007 2009, the band performed before a remarkable 1 million people, marking them the most-requested artist at colleges nationwide. Pure and authentic, a canon of songs with no media coverage or radio play have compelled a new generation of followers by organic word of mouth alone. Fans attached themselves to songs like Slow Motion and Motorcycle Drive By, the former of which was censored by their record company but began appearing on file-sharing sites with full lyrics, and is now hailed as a masterpiece being covered by countless other bands.

Emotional, reflective, aggressive, and sometimes outwardly political, Ursa Major features some of the most intense music of Third Eye Blind s career.