Bettendorf Speech and Debate Team

One of the biggest things I hear people say is: why would I want to join the Speech and Debate Team? Here are some quick and easy reasons that are unique to the Speech and Debate Team: 

Travel – Most people like to travel – the Speech and Debate team goes to many tournaments across the Midwest region on our regular tournament schedule (Des Moines, Chicago, Minneapolis, and more). We see the sights and still compete in an educational focused activity. Who could ask for more?

Competition – A lot of people talk about the MAC conference or rivals across town…how would you like to compete against the best in the UNITED STATES. The Speech and Debate team competes at local, regional, and national level events throughout the year. The National tournament puts the best and brightest from every corner of our nation against each other until they crown the National champion. How’s that for competition?

Academics – Something you probably didn’t want to hear, but is still true – the Speech and Debate Team will help you focus on things in school better. On the Speech side of things, you’ll learn about editing, organizing, interpreting, memorization, and other skills. On the Debate side of things, you’ll research, analysis, synthesize, and more. This may not sound exciting, but it will improve your academic skills across the board. You will be utilizing the same tools you will use at the college level…and probably better than most 1st – 2nd year college students. 

Friends – There are plenty of people out there to be friends with via Facebook…but how many of us can say they have friends from across the country that we get to see 2-3 times a month? Who would ever think you would regularly be talking/interacting with someone from Texas? New York? That happens all the time on the Speech and Debate team. The Speech and Debate team lets you see people not just as competition…but as people too. You get to know people…not just play against them.

Perspective – This is something that you don’t really get until you have the chance to be judged or evaluated by people from all different sides/angles/approaches to life. In the Speech and Debate world, this process takes place at every single tournament multiple times. You will be judges by people from all walks of life, professions, and systems of belief…and hopefully learn a thing or two in the process.

Those are just a few of the benefits of joining the Speech and Debate Team. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Rankin at or just stop by Room D105 at Bettendorf High School. Thanks!