Developing Enterprise GIS Solutions Since 2002

Transportation Research and Development for Modeling and Mapping 

Cloud Computing and Enterprise GIS Solutions
3D and Data Fusion 

Calibrating Radiance/Reflectance for Image Analysis

This is the beginning of going from a working with a Rock Hammer to working with Trimble GPS, ASD Field Spectrometer, Digital Camera, and 70lbs of Batteries.


Senior Level Geospatial Enterprise Solutions SME and GeoCloud enthusiast, working constantly to improve in serving GIS and Image Analysis needs of the Utility, government, and environmental communities

What I DO

Started out with 5 yrs in Gas Engineering, then MS GeoSci and Remote Sensing Research.

· Sr GIS Enterprise Solutions SME with over Ten (10) years experience working as RS/GIS specialist.

· Expertise in ArcGIS 10, Enterprise GIS, Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, and ESRI's Geodatabase concepts, IMS, SDE, ArcFM, and Image Analysis.

· Senior Imaging Analysis - using ERDAS, ESRI's Geography Network concepts, ArcView Image Analyst, and ENVI

· Senior Level Raster data (Hyperspectral, Multispectral, SAR, Lidar, and DEM’s).

· ESRI ArcSERVER, SDE, IMS Certification with FLEX API, and Java viewers and scripting, XML, Java applets, and IMS (HTML and XML and Java).

· Emergency Response and Mgt skills used during Katrina and Rita for Red Cross, FEMA, and other agencies at Fed, State, Local levels.

· FEMA Regional Field Office Work in Austin TX in support of Wildfire Mapping and Logistics (TX NM OK) and Katrina and Rita displaced persons assistance/mapping and Demographic analysis.

· Apache and Tomcat server structure with CITRIX, SQL, Windows IIS, ArcGIS Server configuration and client.

· Customizing IMS, SERVER, and SDE with Oracle Spatial 9i and 10g. (see tech experience below for FLEX, Silverlight, and JavaScript Viewer experience.

Using ArcPRO 10.6 ArcDesktop ArcSurvey123 and AGOL 


Daniel D Betts
205 Washington Ave, Ames IA 50010
515 337 1881 Land Line
515 441 0034 Cell
WORKING WITH THE IOWA DOT at Iowa State University in R&D of new GIS and Location based INTEL systems and applications. Using ArcPRO 10.6 ArcDesktop ArcSurvey123 and AGOL 

DR 711-19 North Carolina for Hurricane Florence and Remote Assist for DR 748 Hurricane Michael Florida 
DR 063-17 Louisiana, DR 120-17 Florida, DR 118-17 South Carolina, DR 117-17 North Carolina, Flooding Disaster Assessment using ESRI SURVEY 123 Mobile and ARC RCVIEW PORTAL software to serve humanity all the way back to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita 

My record and work embraces DOT DOD FED STATE and Large Utilities as well as Environmental sectors and agencies.

Blessed with an insatiable interest in GIS..... and working in Enterprise Geospatial and Remote Sensing Technologies and Solutions. Integration, Implementation, Design, Architecture 
and in Mobile and UAV applications


GIS from the Ground UP!


DATA/Ground Truthing for Image Analysis and Field Spectroscopy

Large Exploration and Research Projects using Satellite and other Geo-Exploration tools.


 (32 ESRI Certificates) ArcGIS 10, ArcSERVER, Arc/Info, ArcView 10, Spatial Analysis, 3D Analyst, Network Analyst, AVENUE programming, Hydrology, Image Analysis, Forestry, ArcGIS I, ArcGIS II, Visual Basic Applications (Exploring VBA Environment, Forms, Functions and Variables, and Branching and Looping), Understanding Geostatistics, Creating, Editing, and Managing Geodatabases for ArcGIS 10, Learning ArcIMS, Customizing ArcIMS, Understanding ArcSDE Table Relationships, Storing Raster Data in an ArcSDE, Geodatabase (for ArcEditor and ArcInfo), Geoprocessing


CompTIA Security +

MAXIMO Immersion Training 

Advanced Certification MS Word MS ACCESS MS EXCELL and Power Point.

EPA Certification in Modeling Pollution and Pollution Control

NEPA Training and Certification

CAD Certification from Des Moines Area Community College

GPS Certification from Ball Aerospace Training

Land Survey Certification from Des Moines Area Community College

Current and ongoing training in Oracle Spatial 10g, OEM,, and other

· Expertise in Enterprise GIS Solutions, GPS, Logistics and Transportation, DOT Applications/Networks, cartography, Gas Utility Design/PM, Emergency MGT, land cover mapping. Business Analyst, Environmental Contamination, Air Quality/Control Technologies, Contamination and UXO mapping.

A Brief Description About  ME
I work in support of SOLUTIONS for FEDERAL STATE and Local GOVTs, as well as the Largest Corporations in the World.
I suggest looking at where we do things well ........look at how to make it even better...........and to find what we need and provide Solutions to manifest this vision of the new.
Working very hard to provide the best in 
Enterprise GIS Solutions since 2002