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Laptop Wireless Keyboard

laptop wireless keyboard
    wireless keyboard
  • A keyboard which sends data to a host computer without relying on a physical cord. Most wireless keyboards today employ radio waves, frequently using Bluetooth technology.
  • Jesse Hartman is a musician, filmmaker and actor, living in New York's East Village.
  • A microcomputer that is portable and suitable for use while traveling
  • a portable computer small enough to use in your lap
  • A laptop is a personal computer designed for mobile use that is small and light enough for a person to rest on their lap.

laptop stand-finished
laptop stand-finished
DIY laptop stand, made from some left over future board (plastic corrugated board) from some other project. I cut out a hole underneath where the fan was, and wrapped the whole thing with some printouts because the board was green and I don't want that color. Then I covered it again with clear contact paper. I hid some excess cord inside.
My Apple/Mac Workstation Rigged
My Apple/Mac Workstation Rigged
Apple Fanboy? You Betcha :P Ipad 32GB 3G Iphone 3G 16GB Macbook black w/4gb ram MacbookPro 13 - 2.66GHz w/ 8gb ram Samsung 24`lcd - b2430 series 30 Harman Kardon Soundsticks ii - speakers I control all of them using one wireless kb and mouse =)

laptop wireless keyboard
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