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    We are all aware of the the plight of Pune - bad roads, pollution, congestion, lack of footpaths, pathetic public transport, chaotic traffic. A much improved public transport would serve citizens of Pune well and reduce much of the above mentioned difficulties.

    Update on Public Transport Petition:
    In May 06, a campaign an Online Campaign was started to demand better Public Transport in Pune by improving the Pune Municipal Transport (PMT) service.

    The campaign is supported by over 1400 Punekars. Although Dr Uday Kulkarni made many efforts to seek an appointment to meet him in person, the commissioner (Dr Kareer) failed to provide a time. On 30 Nov 06 the petition was handed over to PMC Commissioner's Office. Despite this, when the commissioner failed to respond, I wrote another mail, this time questioning if 1390 Punekars can expect a response or not? This led to the commissioner responding inadequately, needing me to write to him again. The entire correspondence is available as a download.

    The Petition was submitted with the article of Pune Caught in a Whirlpool and a CD titled Bus Priority: The way Ahead, Published by the Department of Transport, UK. A summary of the contents of the CD on Bus Priority is available as a download.

    The resource pack outlines several measures that may improve bus priority. Unfortunately PMC remains stuck with spending money on only one option i.e. BRTS.

    While BRTS is an excellent idea, it cannot and should not be considered as appropriate for any and every city. My thoughts are outlined in a short analysis: Is BRTS right for Pune?

    Pune's Traffic Problems: Can we solve them?

    The pathogenesis of the traffic problems in our cities has many reasons. Lack of training, knowledge and awareness along with disrespect for other road users is just as important as failings of the authorities. I have made series of 17 video's available to help make it possible to create a cultural change in our road habits. To watch these videos visit