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http://betterphysics.orgAt the UATP topical workshop some fifty physicists and astronomers will hear talks on contemporary astronomy; work together to plan the production of teaching materials based on discoveries and technologies of astronomy; and envision how to encourage and foster the use of such materials to enrich instruction in undergraduate physics courses. 

UATP is endorsed by the APS, the APS Division of Astrophysics, and the AAPT Committee on Space Science and Astronomy.  

UATP is sponsored by CATS, the Collaboration of Astronomy Teaching Scholars, an NSF funded project of the Center for Astronomy Education directed by Ed Prather in the Steward Observatory and Department of Astronomy of the University of Arizona.  

UATP will be July 27 to July 30, 2011at the University of Nebraska -- Lincoln. For an invitation to attend contact Charles Holbrow (, Kevin Lee (, or Mario Belloni (

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