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1) Care: Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Care
Island 2) Education: Education professionals and the public about health and wellness.
Chiropractic 3) Research: C1-2 Atlas misalignment and sNGF production.   

1) Atlas Orthogonal: deals with aligning the C1 (atlas) vertebrae with the skull, and spine, utilizing low force non-manipulative adjustments. The atlas orthogonal compression instrument developed by Dr. Sweat, and a team of Georgia Tech. engineers is an FDA approved instrument.

2)  I also teach at several colleges. This explains the AHS 131& Bio 130. page. Students this is where you download your class notes. 

3) sNGF is the nerve growth factor that the nervous system can not survive without, and is linked to cancer, autoimmune disease, and chronic stress. The C2 nerve innervation to the glands that produce sNGF may be a vital link to helping people with serious neurological conditions and most of all helping us cope with the damage that chronic stress brings upon us.

When C1 (atlas) misalignment occurs, it has the potential to affect sNGF production through a proposed direct motor innervation. It also can alter normal Vagal tone to all the viscera. Correcting that misalignment helps to balance the body thus resetting your health, hence the nick name "Health Reset Button".

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