Hottie Hall of Fame


Maybe it's because, much like another generation watched Alyssa Milano grow up, it's because we watched her blossom into the dream girl of our nightmares.  Maybe it's because, with her pale skin and dark, dark eyes and hair, she's the world's first post-goth sex symbol.  But Christina Ricci is just pure, alternative-charged sex....and yet she's capable of being girl-next-door adorable in more family friendly fare.  Of course, we here at BITD Labs will always remember her chained to a radiator....or in period dress up in Sleepy Hollow...or....or...

You get the idea.  No matter what the setting, Ricci smolders and burns with the kiss of darkness.
Another woman who has settled into her role as a Hot Woman Who Kicks Ass well, Rhona would go down in babe history for one act alone--namely, acting as the physical model for gaming goddess Lara Croft.  But Mitra, from her posh accent to her long lean body to the spray of freckles that gives her a slightly girlish look, has proven time and again that she has The Goods.  Whether coming on as Snake Plissken's ex-wife in Neil Marshall's 70's sci-fi-action pastiche DOOMSDAY or stealing the leather jumpsuit from the utterly generic Kate Beckensale and showing her for the posuer she is in UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS, Rhona has become an action icon in her own right....and if she gets passed over again for some flavor of the week hottie when TOMB RAIDER reboots....God have mercy on us all.

Of all the women who paraded across the silver screen during the 60's, none exemplified the smoldering, sophisticated sensuality of spy film culture like Daliah Lavi.  With exotic, overpowering beauty borne from her Isreali heritage, a voice like perfectly aged brandy and curves that were both inviting and dangerous, Daliah is one of those actress who appeared in a handful of films before retiring to concentrating on her singing career.  But once you see her in such films as The Silencers and the 1968 Casino Royale, you won't be able to get her out of your mind.

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