Video Links


Here are links to videos of women using Hypnobabies for their births or discussing using hypnosis for their birth. Birth CAN be calm, comfortable, and enjoyable! 
Watch for yourself!

Bryson's Birth - Hospital birth using Hypnobabies, also a 2nd VBAC!

Woman Singing in Labor, using Hypnobabies - This video gives me chills (in a good way!) every time I watch it.

Contraction using Hypnobabies - LOVE the beautiful smile this mom gives at the end!

Contraction using Hypnobabies - super short video of a mom using Hypnobabies through one pressure wave (contraction.

Augusta's Birth- Her comments "Two days of waiting around edited down to just over four minutes (of waiting around). No screaming, no yelling, no blood, no guts. This may be the most boring birth video ever. Thank you, Hypnobabies. :-)"

Callum's Birth - Slideshow of hospital waterbirth using Hypnobabies.

News interview about hypnosis for birth- Interview with a mom who used hypnosis resulting in pain-free births

Apollo's Birth- Slideshow of homebirth using Hypnobabies