What previous Hypnobabies and doula clients have written about Better Birth services.

My husband and I contacted Morgan when I was about 5 months pregnant, and from the moment that she received my first email she was an unwavering source of knowledge and reassurance.  As first-time parents who wanted to experience a natural birth in a hospital setting, we knew we would benefit from the constant support of a doula.  Morgan was instrumental in the achievement of that goal, not only in the labor and delivery room, but along every step of the way through pregnancy and birth.  We took her Hypnobabies course, which was SO thorough and interesting.  We developed confidence in our ability to make informed decisions, which was key, because WOW are there a lot of decisions to make when you are pregnant!  It would have been easy to become overwhelmed, but Morgan's knowledge and referral of resources kept us focused.  In addition, the hypnosis practice kept both my husband and myself a lot saner than we would have been without it!  The most restorative, enjoyable moments of my pregnancy were spent listening to hypnosis scripts during acupuncture treatments.

Morgan was always available through email, text and phone calls, and when we finally contacted her at 1 in the morning to say we were headed to the hospital in labor, she beat us there!  Throughout the next twelve hours, she answered questions, walked stairs with us, showed my husband ways to comfort me with counter-pressure, offered hypnosis cues, applied wet washcloths, etc. etc. etc.  As if that wasn't enough, she captured Eira's birth on my camera, giving us some amazingly beautiful photos to look back on through the years.  Morgan is a kind and reliable person through and through... if you want a natural birth and have the good sense to educate and prepare yourself, I highly recommend taking her Hypnobabies class and employing her skills as a doula.  You will be glad that you did!


I contacted Morgan when we were "barely" pregnant. I have given birth to two previous children and I knew we wanted the experience with our third to be different. It was very important to my husband and me to have a natural childbirth, and having never done this before we needed help! Morgan's knowledge base is impressive to say the least, we enrolled in her Hypnobabies birth class and I can't begin to tell you how much we learned. We felt "equipped" to handle childbirth. Morgan was so respectful of our choices and when asked, guided us to places to find answers.  We made the choice to give birth at home with midwives and of course, our Doula! I labored for 17 hours and Morgan was right there with me, she was an incredible doula, she kept me focused and calm, making sure I had plenty of fluids and all my needs were met. Morgan fit right into the family and was very attentive. When show time came, she was definitely needed and she rose to the occasion, with acrobatic moves and all!   : )   We are grateful to Morgan, and we would recommend her to anyone.


Our experience with Morgan was so wonderful. It was so nice to have her there for both my husband and I. She made sure that I was taken care of and she helped my husband encourage me all the way through the birth of our son T. She is an amazing woman and new exactly what I needed. She also gave my husband breaks. I would recommend Morgan to anyone who is going to have a baby. She is a kind and caring individual. She is also a wealth of information and is a great resource for questions and concerns we had. I also appreciated the fact that she was there for our family even after the birth. The postpartum visit was especially nice since going home is sometimes overwhelming. She made sure that I felt comfortable with nursing and that I was feeling good. She is wonderful person and I will have her there for there for the birth of our next child.


During our second pregnancy, my husband and I took Morgan’s Hypnobabies class and then asked her to attend our baby’s birth at the hospital. We didn’t realize how much we would love having a doula until we actually experienced a birth with a doula. (We had our first baby in the hospital without a doula.) Morgan was such a wonderful resource both throughout our pregnancy and during our birth. Whenever I contacted her with an issue during our pregnancy, she was always extremely knowledgeable, reassuring, and respectful of our choices. During the birth she was such a calming presence. She helped me stay focused and relaxed, and she seemed to know exactly what I needed even before I did! She also showed my husband things he could do to make me more comfortable and she helped me find comfortable positions. Morgan was instrumental in ensuring that our birth turned out as we had planned. I am so grateful to her. After the birth, she stayed with us to help with breastfeeding and after we came home she stopped by the house with a delicious meal. I highly recommend Morgan and can’t say enough good things about her!


My husband and I decided to have our baby at a birthing center and wanted a drug free natural birth.  We enrolled in Morgan's Hypnobabies course and fell in love with the birthing method.  Morgan was very informed on all things baby.  We felt very comfortable with her and asked her to be our doula.  She supported all of our birthing choices.  On the day of the birth, we called her up and she met us at the birthing center soon after we arrived.  She arrived with a bag of everything I could ever want during birth.  She was so calm and encouraging, which really helped both me and my husband.  She showed my husband some things that would help me, and helped me with different birthing position.  She helped with everything we asked her too.  After the birth she came by to bring a meal and also to see how I and my baby were doing.  She was very helpfull with the breastfeeding and I knew she really cared about me and my family.


Morgan was such a great Doula for my husband and I!  She is very personable and such a great source of information.  She was with me in the early stages of labor at home, and really helped me stay focused when labor progressed.  My husband really appreciated her and her guidance as well.  I wanted a natural birth and she did everything in her power to make sure she supported me with that goal.  I stayed at home as long as I could before going to the hospital and she was so great at helping me stay focused on my breathing and doing counter-pressure on my back-which was amazing!  She's always available to call and provide answers to any questions we have too! I highly recommend Morgan to anyone wanting a Doula who makes you feel comfortable and who knows what they're doing! :)


I am so thankful that Morgan was our doula! My water broke unexpectedly at 34 weeks... there was still six weeks of preperation and research I had been hoping to do. Morgan was very knowledgeable and really helped comminicate our desires to the hospital staff. During the birth of our daughter Morgan frequently visited our family that was in the waiting room and shared with them our progress.  I was very worried about the health and developement of my baby arriving so prematurely and Morgan eased my mind by sharing her experience of a preemie of her own. She even brought a photo album of the time her son spent in the NICU to show us what we might expect. After we brought our baby girl home Morgan brought us a delicious home cooked meal and we visited about post-partum healing, breast feeding and the joys of being a new parent. SHE IS FANTASTIC!!!


As I wrote in the evaluation, I can't imagine what J's birth would have been like without your expert assistance! Thanks for being willing to share your skills with our family. You clearly have a true calling for this work-E and I wish you all the best in your new career. Please don't hesitate to use us as references, although I doubt you'll need the boost to your marketing. Your natural gifts speak for themselves. :)

Best wishes and sincerest gratitude,