About Me


For my first birth, I knew that I wanted to be as intervention-free as possible. I took Lamaze classes and was happy with the basic information presented about pregnancy and birth, but dissatisfied with the lack of "tools" for the actual birth. I looked into other childbirth education classes such as HypnoBirthing and Bradley, but I was too close to my EDD to take any of them.

During the birth, I was fine as long as I was able to stay relaxed, but when tension crept in after approximately 20 hrs of labor, my contractions became painful and I asked for and received an epidural. I ended up having a vacuum assisted birth after a total of 24 hrs of labor including 3.5 hrs of pushing.

The next time around, I knew that I wanted to take another method of natural childbirth. HypnoBirthing appealed to me, so I took the classes with my husband. We both came away believing in hypnosis for birth, but confused about the HypnoBirthing method. The relaxation techniques were good, but they seemed designed to be used while laying down, and we received little instruction on how to implement them in labor. I wondered what you were supposed to do while using the bathroom, getting cervical checks, and otherwise moving around.  

I looked into other hypnosis in childbirth methods and found Hypnobabies. I took the Home Study Course and it was AMAZING! Even with a complicated situation heavy with interventions (premature rupture of membranes at 30 weeks, premature birth at almost 33 weeks, pitocin induction and continuous monitoring), it was very close to pain-free. I felt so connected to my baby and to the birthing experience. It was especially wonderful to know that my premature baby didn't have the added stress of clearing narcotics from his system in his delicate state. I absolutely believe that was why he only spent a few weeks in the NICU and has had no major complications from his prematurity. As there were no Hypnobabies instructors in Boise, I just knew I had to get certified and begin teaching these incredible classes!

I have a background in Childbirth Education and have had 50 hours of Hypnosis Training in addition to my Hypnobabies instructor training. I have also been trained and certified as a birth doula by DONA (Doulas of North America). I am so excited to have this opportunity to help couples to have comfortable, peaceful, enjoyable births and to help their babies have the best possible start in the world!

I live in Boise, Id with my husband  of 8 years, Craig, my stepdaughter Madi, 16, and sons Jack and Carter, 3 years old and 1 year old. I enjoy sewing and gardening as well as racing in running and triathlon events in and around Boise.

Happy Birthing!

Morgan Cornwall, HCHI, HCHD, CD (DONA)