Hello and welcome to Betta USA! Here we raise happy, healthy and strong Siamese Fighting Fish also known as Bettas, here in the USA, for you and your family. I will tell you a little about our bettas and how we keep them here in our home to help give you an idea of how you should keep them in your when making one apart of your family.

    Even though bettas are small they love to swim, after all they are fish! The picture to the right shows you just how tiny they are when they are first born. Your betta will be bigger than this when you take him home. We keep our bettas in Jars or Tanks that are AT LEAST 1 US GALLON in volume of water with a wide mouth top opening. This gives our bettas enough space to exercise and to breathe without any problems. If you like to keep your betta in a bigger space we highly recommend it and encourage it. Your betta will love you even more! I like to always recommend a tank that is at least 2.5 gallons or more and longer or wider than tall for a single betta. This way you know he is getting his exercise! Our adult and parent bettas are ALWAYS kept ALONE in 2.5 US gallon fish tanks. Our tiny baby bettas are kept with their brothers and sisters until they start to show aggression! Then they get separated into their own tanks and we call them young bettas.
    Young Bettas are the bettas that you may take home or order online today! They will be about 3 months old and ready for their new homes. On the Stock Shop page you will find bettas that are ready to go to their new homes forever homes as well as a link that takes you directly to our online auctions!