Bettas by Natasha
About me
    Hello, and welcome to my site. 

   I am a self taught artist with a love of animals and the arts. I am only 16 but I am very serious about my art. Recently I combined my love of art and bettas together to create beautiful hand crafted bettas. All of my bettas are first sketched with a pencil,  then painted with water color and finaly outlined with high quality ink pens ( the kind comic artist use). I take great care trying to capture the "esscence" of a betta not just slap something together. All of my bettas will bare my signature and will be dated in the right hand corner. On the reverse side in the left hand corner I will put "For:(name of commissioner). just for the sake of keeping track of the art if someday I become famous so you can sell it for thousands of dollars (Hey, it could happen).

            Thank you for visiting my site! 

                                        Natasha ;)


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 Bettas I've done for Karen Mac Auley