The Authors

Jennifer Freyd and Pamela Birrell.  Photo by JQ Johnson.

Jennifer Freyd.  Photo by Sasha Johnson-Freyd

Jennifer J. Freyd Ph.D, is Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon. She received her BA in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and her Ph.D in Psychology from Stanford University. Professor Freyd directs a laboratory investigating the impact of interpersonal and institutional trauma on mental and physical health, behavior, and society.  She has published over 150 articles and she is author of the award-winning book Betrayal Trauma: The Logic of Forgetting Childhood Abuse and she co-edited the book, Trauma & Cognitive Science.  Freyd has received numerous honors including a National Institute of Health career award and a Guggenheim Fellowship.  She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  She currently serves as the Editor of the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation.

Pamela Birrell.

Pamela J. Birrell PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and Senior Instructor in the Psychology Department at the University of Oregon.   She received her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Oregon in 1973.  She also received clinical training from the University of Oregon and completed an internship in community mental health in 1986.  She has since been in active in teaching, clinical work, and publishing on the topics of healing from betrayal trauma and ethics in mental health. In her 25 years as a psychotherapist, it has become clear to her that betrayal is the source of much of the suffering that we call mental illness.