The Best Ever Bhagam Bhag Chat

Beth: I am watching Bhagam Bhag
  it's not good
Kaddele:  poor you!
  is it bad enough to be at least funny?
 Beth: it has moments here and there
  I got it because I heard it made the heroine/heroin joke
  I'd been wondering when someone would finally use that as a misunderstanding
Kaddele: oh yes - I keep wondering that too
  I don't really get Priyardarshan's comedies - I guess you really have to know the language well
Beth: I don't get them either
  the only one I really like is Hulchul
  and I seem to be the only one on the planet who does
  somewhere I read that Bhagam Bhag was not so bad a movie, and of course I can't remember where now
  I am also curious about Govinda
  I am on a quest to figure out his appeal
[Somewhere in here we wandered off into a discussion of how we want to make a photo gallery of Shashi wearing ties. As we are wont to do.]
Beth: oh god, now tons of people are chasing AKshay Kumar all over London
Kaddele: yay! song!
Beth: you know, I will say this for Akshay Kumar: he uses his body very well - he makes good use of all those muscles and of the various training he's had
  he's more fluid than the other models-turned-actors
Kaddele: oh yes - he can definitely move
Beth: Lara Dutta has just thrown herself in front of a moving car
  which is what she was trying to do when they found her
Kaddele: oh wow, that sounds like a good idea for a comedy ...
Beth: Right!?
  that's what I was thinking
  it's not being played as wacky at all
  this is so disjointed
  on imdb, she is listed as playing three characters in the movie
Kaddele: three????
  lara dutta playing one character is bad enough - but THREE????
Beth:  ohhhkay now she thinks she's someone else with a husband named Vikram who is being played by...oh which of Salman's brothers is this?
Kaddele: that is a truly scary combination
Beth: Lara Dutta has just realized she isn't Arbaaz's wife and now she set herself on fire with petrol
Kaddele: WHAT????
Beth: I really have no idea where they're going with this
Kaddele: ??????
Beth: okay she's dead
  but that's only two of the three characters....
Kaddele: this film sounds really, really, really crazy
Beth: it really is
  I'm so confused.
  I hate feeling outsmarted by Priyadarshan.
Kaddele: I think I'm going to skip that film - I'm not sure I could watch it without getting violent
Kaddele: I don't get Govinda at all
Beth: nor do I
  ohhhhkay now Lara is back again
  and Paresh is running around yelling "BHOOT!"
  of course
Kaddele: ooooookay
Beth: yeeeeah
  I have to admit, I find people running aroudn yelling "bhoot" pretty funny
Kaddele: hahaha yes that can really be funny
Beth: maybe I just like it because I an pronounce it
Kaddele: hihi
Beth: I should probably just turn this movie off.
  But enough weird stuff has happened that I want to see how it ties together.
Kaddele: oh no! you have to review it!!!
Beth: this movie has both Akshay and Govinda on wires
  it was old in the first song
Kaddele: lol
Beth: and now they're doing it again in the third song
  the backup dancers are atypically sloppy
  that's not the way we like our films!
   also they are using that stupid electronic effect on voices that Cher uses, you know which one I mean?
  and now there's a pirate ship
  this movie is awful
Kaddele: WHAT???
  I'm getting a headache just reading your description ....
Beth: apparently I needed someone to hold my hand to get me through it :)
  safety in numbers