Short Story Award


First Place
($200 and print publication)
C. A. Rowland -- Fredericksburg, Virginia
"The History of a Fruitcake"

Second Place
($100 and featured Roundtable publication)
Henry Supchak -- Newton, New Jersey
"Maggots and Milk"

Third Place
($50 and featured Roundtable publication)
Rich Mantle -- Allentown, Pennsylvania
"The Banquet"

Honorable Mention
(featured Roundtable publication)
Christina Dalcher -- Norfolk,  Virginia
"The Honey Clusters"
Our Celebrity Judge: Curtis Smith

Curtis Smith'
s stories and essays have appeared in over seventy-five literary journals and have been cited by The Best American Short Stories, The Best American Mystery Stories, and The Best American Spiritual Writing. Among his many publications, he is the author of the short story collections The Species Crown, Bad Monkey, and Beasts and Men; the novels Sound + Noise and Truth or Something Like It; and the essay collection Witness. His next book will be Lovepain, a novel from Aqueous Books