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Now available--the newest book from the Bethlehem Writers Group!

One of the most frequent questions we get from our readers is: “Do you have a children’s book?”

Now, finally, we do! And it's available here.

Once Upon a Time is a collection of stories for children--ages preschool through middle school--from the minds and muses of the Bethlehem Writers Group.

This anthology grows with your child. We start with several stories 
written especially for those who still enjoy sitting on a grown-up’s lap, having new worlds open up to them. 

Following those are several more for those who are ready to immerse themselves in the fantasy and adventure of reading on their own.

Included among our award-winning authors' work is an imaginative fantasy from Eleanor Ingbretson, the winner of the 2016 Bethlehem Writers Roundtable Short Story Award competition. And each story is enhanced with illustrations by artist Agy Wilson.

All together, this collection of sweet, funny, and strange tales will entertain and delight children of all ages--including grown-ups!
Also from BWG:

Finalist, 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Whatever your taste, this collection of food-related stories from the multiple award-winning Bethlehem Writers Group has all the ingredients to satisfy your reading palate. Our menu includes twenty-seven appetizing stories from light fare and sides of fantasy to sweet romance and savory bites of mystery. To complete our day's specials, we offer tasty tales from Tracy Falenwolfe and C. A. Rowland, winners of the Bethlehem Writers Roundtable SHORT STORY AWARDS in 2014 and 2015 respectively. All of our authors have honed their recipes to write sweet, funny, and strange stories to savor. See more here.

Let It Snow 
The Best of 
Bethlehem Writers Roundtable
Winter 2015 Collection

Discover tales, all as different as snowflakes, in Let it Snow: The Best of Bethlehem Writers Roundtable Winter 2015 Collection. The multiple award winning Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC brings you stories in a range of genres selected from their bi-monthly Writers Roundtable Journal. So, while the weather outside is frightful, curl up by the fire, read, and Let It Snow. It's available here.

Finalist, 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Best Anthology

Winner of Best Anthology and Best Short Fiction, 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
ome W. McFadden has a short story, "Paved With Good Intentions," in the anthology The Neighbors, published by Zimble House Publishing in February, 2017. In addition, he has a story in the 2016 anthology, Write Here, Write Nowfrom the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group. Also watch for his forthcoming story in GLVWG's next anthology, Connections, due out in late 2017.

In addition, he won Second Place for Flash Fiction in the GLVWG "The Write Stuff" conference in March 2015. His  story, "The Bridge" was performed at the Liar's League of Hong Kong on June 30, 2014. He also won second place in the flash nonfiction contest at the GLVWG "The Write Stuff" conference in March 2013.His story, "Carwash," was published by Over My Dead Body in June, 2012. Also, don't miss his story, "Convenience Store," published by Flash Fiction Offensive, and 2nd Place winner in the June 2011 Bullet  Awards. 

Geoffrey Mehl's latest thriller, Nine Lives is now available. This is only the latest of his many 
works, including his first thriller, Stray Cats, and his several books on horticulture, including his most recent
Pennsylvania gardeners! Congratulations, Geoff.

Sally Paradysz's memoir, From Scratch: Why I Walked Away From My Life and Built This Home, is now available. The book relates how, after thirty-five years in a tension-filled marriage to a domineering man, Sal finally had enough. Still reeling from the after-effects of a violent rape, she realized she needed to reconnect with her true self--a self she had too long tried to keep under wraps. With her new partner Mel by her side, Sal purchased three perfect acres in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and set out to build a new home.

In addition, Sal has essays in 65 Things To Do When You Retire and 70 Things To Do When You Turn 70. Proceeds from these publications go to cancer research. Sal also received an Honorable Mention in the Writers Digest Short Story Contest (2009) in the Inspirational category, has published in 11:11 magazine, and was a finalist in the Salem (MA) Literary Festival in 2010.
Paul Weidknecht's
collection of short stories, Native to This Stream: Brief Writings About Fly-Fishing & the Great Outdoors, brings you 
essays, and poems that lifts you from your chair and puts you on the stream ready to drop a fly three feet upstream of a rising trout. It's now available in paperback or as an e-book. A great read or gift for your favorite outdoor sports enthusiast. 
But that's not all Paul has been up to. His short story, "Doppelgangers," appears in Every Writer in November 2015. They previously published his story "Wildebeests," in the January 2015 issue. In addition, his story,  "A Portioning of Leaves," appears in the Fall 2014 Potomac Review (Volume 35). 
His earlier story, "This Peculiar Angle of Light" was in decomP Literary Magazine.

His work has appeared recently in, Poetry Salzburg Review, The Comstock Review, Fractured West, Rosdebud, Shenandoah, and The Los Angeles Review, among others.
He placed third in the 2012 Writers Magazine short story contest with his story, "Her Piece of the Yard." He also won the 2012 Peter Barry Short Story competition in the UK with his story, "Driven."  The judge of the latter competition is quoted as saying,  Driven” stood out for me from the first sentence. This short story is impeccably written in a crisp, clean voice and has a wonderful completeness to it. The story has an unexpected ending without being contrived. Outstanding. This writer will go far!!"
We couldn't agree more. Congratulations, Paul! 

Poet and romance writer 
Diane Sismour has several works now available . Her story "First Impressions, Second Chances" (that appears in Once Around the Sun)
can be purchased as a stand-alone. Her work also appears in several anthologies, including Sisters Born, Sisters Foundand MandelaFor poetry, see her work in the anthologies: World Healing, World Peace 2012 anWorld Healing, World Peace 2014and in the Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry and in Book Two and Book Three of the Aquillrelle poetry series.

Carol L. Wright's short story, "A Christmas on Nantucket," appears in the 2016 anthology, Write Here, Write Nowfrom the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group.
A. E. Decker's
second book in her MOONFALL MAYHEM series comes out on October 25, 2016. The Meddlers of Moonshine brings us more of the world first introduced in 
The Falling of the Moon, from World Weaver
Press. We look 
forward to more, too, because this is a five-book series. You can also enjoy her short stories, "Forever Now" in the April, 2016 issue of Fireside Magazine, and "Common Knowledge" in The Sockdolager Spring 2015 issue. In addition, don't miss her chocolate wizard in the short story "Theobromancy," that appeared in Crowded Magazine. These stories are only the latest of several short works A. E. Decker has had published in recent months. You can read "Whistler's Grove,"  available from Beneath Ceaseless Skies (, "The Last Deduction," written in the tradition of Sherlock Holmes, and in Phobos Magazine (Autumn/Winter 2013). As if that isn't enough, her story, "Death and Taxes," appears in the 2012 anthology Specter Spectacular, in print or as an e-book. She also has a story, "In the Woods," published in the October 2012 issue of In Fabula-Divinos.

Christopher D. Ochs'
latest fantasy novel, If I Can't Sleep, You Can't Sleep, is full of scary bedtime stories. This follows his book Pindlebryth of Lenland: The Five Artifacts, which was a recommended book by the US Review of Books. It is now available in paperback or e-book. He also has a story in the 2016 anthology, Write Here, Write Now, for which he served as editor.

Ralph Hieb has a short story in the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group's 2016 anthology, Write Here, Write Now. In addition, a story appears in the 2015 anthology GLVWG Writes Stuff. He also took second place in the 2014 Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group's "Write Stuff" conference Flash Fiction competition with his story, "Dragon's Breath."  

Will W
right has published his debut novel, Cinderthe story of an orphaned dragon who, with the help of the wizard Tig and his apprentice
Alex, must become human in order to fight those who would destroy all of dragon-kind. It is now available from

While you're there, take a look at Will's two collections of children's stories, Salt for the Journey: Humor, Tragedy, and Acts of Bravery, and Without a Tear: Kindly Tales for Open Hearts

Don't miss Headley Hauser's humorous take on the Wild West in the novel, Trouble in Taosthe first in his "Genre Series"  And, Volition Man, a Superhero spoof, is the second in the Genre Series.  Both are available as ebooks.

Jeff Baird's
 new humorous e-book, Redhead Ruminations, is now available on Learn about the trials and triumphs of being a redhead--and get another copy for each of the redheads in your life!

Judith Mehl's newest book in her "Kat Everitt Handwriting Analysis Series," Murder Most Floral, is now available. This is the third in the series. Others, Formula for Murder, and Game, Set, Murder, are also available in paperback or e-book.