Featured Poem

Diane Sismour 
has written poetry and fiction for over 35 years, starting with journalism, children's stories, middle-grade adventures, sci-fi, and YA novels. She has recently added romance and teen historical horror to the list. She is the founder of the Network for the Arts and connects thousands of artists with workshops, events, and publishing news every day. She is a frequent guest speaker on radio talk shows all over the country and a guest author for blogs, newspapers, and magazines. In addition to BWG, she is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Liberty States Fiction Writers, and is a past VP of the Pocono Lehigh Romance Writers. 
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Still Waving 

Diane Sismour 


A festive energy trills
celebrating war re-enacted.
Remembering not the men fallen
Or the families lost.
Not the lands stolen,
Or the black man’s cost,
But bombs bursting in air
The flag stands, still waving.

Flares signal a hush
To the wick igniting.
A fizzle, pop, a crackle,
As rockets launch
Bursting skyward in colors.
Red, white, and blue
Initiating cries,
In splendor and wonder.

Hats gripped in fists
The anthem echoes.
Gunpowder rains,
Veterans weigh
To times unspoken.
Fighting nightmares
Battered and broken
Sacrificed for freedoms forgotten.

The final onslaught
Carnage unwanted.
Returned to homes
Long changed, lives levied.
But the crowd cheers
The red, white, and blue.
Rockets roar, the smoke settles,
The flag stands, still waving.