Featured Poetry


Joseph Murphy
has been published in a wide range of journals. His first poetry collection, 
Crafting Wings, was published by Scars Publications, 2017. A second collection, "Having Lived," is forthcoming from Kelsay Books (2018). He is also senior poetry editor for a literary publication, Halfway Down the Stairs, established 2006.


Joseph Murphy

When morning’s prow rose toward me,
the tainted waters receded
and I began to lift
the heaviest of dreams.

Untouched by age or sadness, 
I grasp hopes I’d only imagined,
startled by the strength of my hands.

Morning’s scent illuminated the breeze. Nothing
seemed improbable. 

Shutters began to sing; clocks
burst open; wonder
eclipsed loneliness.


Allen Kuzara
 enjoys writing speculative fiction or whatever else captures his imagination. He has written 
six novels and one work of non-fiction. His short stories have appeared in places such as The Overcast and Phantaxis Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine. Connect with him on Facebook or Twitter


Dog Days

Allen Kuzara

Have you seen dogs during
Dog days of summer?
They don’t do much.
Too little to have
Days named after them.

If anything,
Dogs on dog days
Are anti-dogs, not licking
Not running, barking,
or wagging their tails.

Hot, smelly, gargoyles—
They’re frozen by the heat.
Petrified, their tongues roll
Out like red carpets.

Stoic somnambulists—they
Move into the shade to last out
The dog days of summer.