Featured Poetry

Les Bernstein's poems have appeared in journals, presses and anthologies in the U.S.A. and Europe. Her chapbooks Borderland, Naked Little Creatures and Amid the Din have been published by Finishing Line Press. Les is a winner of the 6th annual Nazim Hikmet Festival.She also was a Pushcart Prize Nominee for 2015. Les lives in Mill Valley, California with her enormous family.

The Much More

Les Bernstein

when the world was new
they planted a flag in the much more
spread themselves into the future
below a limitless sky

they built their home
with care and optimism
ruddy with trust in sunny days
and shiny well being

they grew to other bigger homes
but they were vandalized by time
the truth of shortening days
spread its substantive shadow

as walls of memories crumbled
they had to learn to live lightly
their home now becoming
dust  powder  bone

there is nothing unique in this story
or life's commanding gravitational pull
they held hands tightly
for as long
as they could