Featured Poetry

Diane Sismour has written poetry and fiction for over 35 years in multiple genres. She lives with her husband in eastern Pennsylvania at the foothills of the Blue Mountains below the Appalachian Trail. Diane
is a member of the Bethlehem Writers Group LLC, Romance Writers of 
America,, Liberty States Fiction Writers, and Horror Writers Association.

key to the universe   

diane sismour

lives crisscross through a 
template, persevering to reconnect. 
for what key must we hold to find each other, by
living rites of passage, frights, ends, breached beginnings?
following ourselves through eras, escaping each in a breath. we
trust a moment before the final pause, instincts to veer or duck, ever
splintering in time. lifting forward, tracing back, playing one into another,
wondering what we know is true,                 and fearful there is more to learn.
I hear your heart, for mine is the                       same. remembered snippets and
glimpses, parts of us together in long                  ago lives, fragments we envision in
dreams. hearts trill to sing, drowned in sorrow, fueling us through every cycle. a turn
in events, for better or worse, trite retrospect, changing who we are to alter the next
realm, when we fear the outcome, worry what is next, and retreat or lose our way.
until a spark renews our quest, focusing our vision, understanding nothing,
searching to uncover the path. how can we find the one through eras,
wading into every age to intersect? reunions of the
soul, passing crossroads, placed by
coincidence, by serendipity
or more, to reinstate
 familiars, eternal
 lovers seeking the
 other, jolted into
present. to see
you smile, our
eyes don’t lie
or hide from who we are, sought
through dreams, to listen to your
 heart beat with mine, in this here
and now. our souls content, if
only for a moment,
we found the key
to forever again.