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Joan Leotta has been playing with words since childhood. She has won awards in USA and abroad for writing and performing. You can find her on the beach or online at www.joanleotta.wordpress.com and Joan Leotta, Author and Story Performer on Facebook. Her first poetry chapbook, Languid Lusciousness with Lemon, will be out in January 2017 from Finishing Line.

Resisting Winter

Joan Leotta

By the creek I pass a tree
being dragged into winter
against its will.
Mottled leaves whose
riot of colors reveals 
they did willingly 
transform from green
to bright banners of
autumn celebration, now
resist the cold and wind
to cling to thin fingers
of branch that long ago
stopped delivering sap.

Under blue skies 
on a day too warm
to be December 1
I salute my tree
and his resistance.

Like my friend tree,
I'll not retire quietly into 
winter; I will