Long Form Group

A subgroup of BWG is its Long Form Critique Group designed for writers of longer, book-length works. Membership is by invitation only.

The Long Form Critique Group meets once each month on the fourth Tuesday. At the beginning of each month, up to two writers submit fifty to one hundred pages of a work in progress to all members of the group. During the month, members read, edit, and critique the work, using the Long Form Critique worksheet as a guide. Then, on the fourth Tuesday of the month, the group meets to discuss each author's work in detail. 

Meetings are intense, with the goal of helping each author refine his or her work to a publishable level. 

If an author, whose work has been fully critiqued by the group, has revised it to what they believe to be a penultimate draft, the group may dedicate one month solely to a review of the entire manuscript.

Membership in the Long Form Critique Group

Attendance at and/or membership in the Long Form Critique Group is by invitation only. Unlike BWG, membership in the Long Form Critique Group is limited to only serious, committed writers who are working toward producing publishable book-length manuscripts. Potential members must be ready to share and critique book-length works of fiction or non-fiction of any genre, must commit time and effort to the group outside of meetings. Members of the Long Form Critique Group are required to attend meetings regularly. They will arrive at the meeting prepared to give the author(s) a comprehensive critique. Then the group will discuss each work and answer questions from the author(s) about the critiques. 

To be considered for membership in the Long Form Critique Group, you must first be a member of BWG. For more information on BWG membership, please use the "Join BWG" tab above. 

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