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             Congratulations to our Players that were recognized by Section 2
                 Chris Caswell - 1st TEAM ALL STAR and SCORING CHAMPION
                 Andrew Carroll - 2nd TEAM ALL STAR
                 Nick Breiner - 2nd TEAM ALL STAR
                 Zach Flagler - HONORABLE MENTION
                                                         YOUR CAPTAINS
                  FIRST TEAM ALL STARS
                                                                       SECOND TEAM ALL STARS
                       SCORING CHAMPIONS AND MVP
                                                                                                                                                            posted 11/07/2013


                 Congratulations to the following players for making this years squad.


                                      Chris Caswell (C)

                                      Andrew Carroll (C)

                    Zach Flagler (C) 

                    Bob Lemieux

                    Nick Breiner

                    Tim Verstandig

                    Nick Hospodar

                    Steven Zayas

                    Luke McGrath

                    Owen Talmage

                    Taylor Nunez

                    Mike Lemieux

                    Thomas Liebold

                    Evan Davis

                    Hayes Meredith

                    Zach Nunez

                    Brian Harder

                    Tyler Hull

                    Andrew Kopplin

                    Jack Dempf

                    Carl Cusack

                    Andrew Yanowsky







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