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2017 Final Record 13-3-1 (13-5-1)

October 26, 2017 - Section II Semifinal - vs Niskayuna - 2-1 Loss OT

The Eagles played on neutral turf at Lansingburgh HS against 2016 Section II champs, Niskayuna in this year's semifinal game.  The game kicked off at 5PM on a crisp evening with the stand full of supporters for both sides.  BC started strong pushing the ball forward and keeping possession well.  The Silver Warriors were able to get a few transitional attacks and won a corner kick.  Sidney Smith exemplified the way BC defenders had played all year with a hard a definitive tackle at the 18 on Nisky's top player to shut down an attack.  The play was fairly even for a while and the BC had an opportunity on a lofted cross from the right and Holly Moore tried for the header at the far post but was too underneath the ball to redirect it on goal.  Late in the half, Niskayuna got the ball forward to the left side on a fast transition to their striker who swiftly cut across the top of the box and smashed a shot that was just too hot for Tessa Hughes to block.  Nisky was up 1-0 at the half.

In the second half the game was just as competitive and became extremely physical.  Bethlehem was on the attack and had a good control much of the time.  About midway through the half, the Eagles netted a goal after on a corner kick scrum but the elation on the field and in the stands was soon deflated as the referee signaled a hand-ball foul in the box against BC.  The Eagles escalated their play and fought harder.  They were able to get more shots this half but they could not score.  Finally with only a few minutes remaining the Eagles were pressing with the defenders holding a very high line at midfield or in the Nisky half.  Right back Tess Klugman sent a rocket toward the goal and on frame from about 40 yards out.  The Niskayuna goalie was not able to handle the ball and it bounced away and Jo Van Royen was there to equalize the tally slotting it inside the left post.  It was tied at 1 goal apiece!  In the standard BC sectional fashion, regulation time ended with an even score and play would continue into extra time.

With fatigue setting in on both sides, the game got even more chippy with a yellow card being issued to Niskayuna for encroachment on a free kick.  Several fouls were called on both sides and each free kick brought hope for a potential advantage goal.  BC had a free kick chance from the edge of the box on the right - a very short corner kick - and it was chipped nicely on the near post side at the 6 where Olivia Miranda made a header attempt but it was knocked away.  Neither side could manage to find the net.  Early in the second period, Niskayuna won a ball at midfield and worked it through the left side.  As Nisky was trying to bring the ball centrally, a BC defender slipped and went down.  The Niskayuna attacker took advantage of the space and played a pass on the ground onto a diagonal run cutting in from the right.  The striker and ball met at the 6 where she played a slight redirection to beat Hughes and give Niskayuna a 2-1 advantage.  With almost 8 minutes remaining, Bethlehem did not give up but had to increasingly attempt the long ball.  Each time Niskayuna took possession, they did well to run down the clock with passing as well as substitutions.

Bethlehem played an energetic and spirited game.  They fought back from a deficit to force an OT renewal.  They let the play develop in their attack and found a good rhythm to their game.  Their defense was as strong as ever.  They left everything on the field.  They can take deep pride in the way they played their game and never gave up.  It was a hard fought game that ultimately could not go their way.

Congratulations to Coach Rogan and the Bethlehem Girls Varsity Soccer team for a fantastic winning season and a great run in sectional playoffs!!


October 20, 2017 - Section II Quarterfinal - vs Ballston Spa - 0-0; 7-6 PK WIN

Having defeated Albany in the Section II play-in game, the Scotties of Ballston Spa traveled to Bethlehem to take on the Eagles.  BC was playing a controlled game and won a few corners but the Scotties were keeping them out.  BC was then taking low percentage shots from distance as the Ballston Spa defense was packed in and making it difficult to develop close in attacks.  Jo Van Royen made a great run at one point, faking out the Scotties defenders but could not score.  It was 0-0 at the half.

BC came out mostly in control but a without that last push of energy to get behind the Scotties defense.  There was stretch of a couple of corners and near miss headers and Taylor Leslie just missed on one from 15 yards.  Another corner, another header but no goal.  BC was unable to finish but they remained patient and dominant.  The Scotties had a chance as they got behind the Eagles defense at one point but they could not finish either.  Maia Dawson had a shot from the right side but it was saved.  Beatrice Jones had a shot but no score.  Grace Hotaling just missed a shot.  Ballston Spa had a nother chance but nothing.  Regulation time came to end with no score.  BC looked much the same, if a little fatigued in the two 10-minutes periods and the two 5-minute golden goal periods and Van Royen and Jones both took a shot late but the time wound down to a 0-0 draw.  The game would be decided on penalties.

The atmosphere was tense as the first five shooters for each team and the keepers prepared to face off.  The tally was 3-3 after 5 rounds and each team would bring on the next shooter from their remaining rosters.  After 10 rounds and a gutsy appearance at the penalty stripe by Marissa Mastracco who scored the deciding shot, and a tremendous, never give in, performance by Tessa Hughes who saved 3 of the Scotties attempts, the Bethlehem Eagles would advance by winning the PK shootout 7-6.

The Victory

Bethlehem will face Niskayuna next in the Semifinal game on 10/15 at 5:00PM at Stillwater High school.

October 14, 2017 - vs Schenectady - 7-1 WIN

BC hosted Schenectady for a Saturday match up closing out the regular season.  The game was a lopsided victory for BC.  First, Katie Hotaling assisted Maia Dawson to make it 1-0 on a free kick.  Beatrice Jones played a nice cross to feed Dawson again to make it 2-0 BC.  Reghan Meek and Shannon Donnelly made a strong effort moving the ball nicely along with Jo Van Royen and keeping the Schenectady goalie on her toes.  Bethlehem was keeping all play in the offensive third and getting several shots.  Then Ellie Hussar got in on the action pushing a feed from from Piper Gregory to the left post to make it 3-0.  Hussar later played a nice air ball to Meek running up the right side and she played it central to Shannon Donnelly who drilled a goal over the goalies head to make it 4-0.  That's where things stood at the half.

Early in the second half, the Eagles continued the scoring on a nice play by Katie Hotaling who carried the ball into the box and got a shot that came off the post and Grace Hotaling was there to touch it in for a 5-0 advantage.  Katie Hotaling scored another on a pass from Piper to make it 6-0.  Schenectady finally got on the board on a nice break away shot to the left side netting.  They later won a PK chance but Tessa Hughes saved it.  Sophia Glassman notched her first varsity goal on a strong play dribbling through the defenders to get a close shot that she buried in the net.  Bethlehem came away with a 7-1 win.

October 12, 2017 - [Senior Night] vs Saratoga - 1-0 WIN

The 2017 BCHS Girls Soccer Senior Night was a crisp, cool autumn evening; perfect for soccer celebration.  After a day beginning with breakfast in the glass hallway, the girls were psyched up for their contest against Saratoga to battle for a good seeding going into Sectionals.  The team parents made the night perfect for the seniors and their families with festive vehicles, creative posters, and psych up bags.  After Hakim Jones announced the senior families and Grace Meredith sang a beautiful Star Spangled Banner, the Eagles took the field and waited for the Blue Streaks to come on to meet them.  BC was eager and ready to go!

Bethlehem started very strong and fast, immediately pushing into the Saratoga end and putting pressure on their back line.  After only a few minutes, senior Olivia Miranda got the Eagles on the board with one of her classic headers from a corner kick form fellow senior Holly Moore, 1-0 BC!  The Eagles were pressed high in the back and Jo Van Royen was taking a stint at center mid which added to their ability to both stop Saratoga's attempts at transition and also to hold possession and attack.  The Blue Streaks then came on a bit stronger and managed a few runs on long balls over the top.  Putting some pressure on the Eagles they could do no damage as Sidney Smith, seniors Taylor Leslie, Fiona FitzPatrick, and Tess Klugman repulsed the Saratoga attack.  BC won another corner from the left and the ball came across nicely but went through.  Van Royen collected the ball just beyond the right edge of the penalty area and she shot it back across where Miranda once again directed a header toward the net.  Unfortunately Saratoga had stepped out and drew one of the Eagles offsides and the goal was called back.  But it was another demonstration of the BC energy that would continue throughout the game.

The second half was a similar story with the Eagles mostly keeping the ball forward.  BC was a bit more defensive minded wanting to hold the lead but was still able to pressure the Blue Streaks regularly.  Katie Hotaling came on with aggressive pressure up top while sister Grace and Moore continued to press along with Piper Gregory and Maia Dawson.  Seniors Emma Kranich and Reagan Ehring came on to contribute at forward and midfield.  Senior Tessa Hughes did see some action in both halves but mostly in the second when she was drawn out on a couple of occasions to cut the angle and swipe the ball before Saratoga could manage a shot.  The Blue Streaks had few shots and most were not on goal.  It was Bethlehem strong from start to finish in front of a large attendance complete with the Hooligan Band and Choir.  With the win, Bethlehem rolls into the weekend match up against Schenectady when they will try to shore up a likely 2 or 3 seeding for the tournament. 

TV Highlight and Miranda/Rogan Interview

October 10, 2017 - vs Shenendahowa - 5-1 Loss

The Eagles hosted Shen on the BCHS back fields on a sunny evening.  BC started very strong with a few fast attacks and keeping the ball forward well.  Shen and BC traded attacks and Shen getting a few shots but all off the mark.  Grace Hotaling had a chance bringing the ball into the box and close in on the Plainsman keeper but was blocked.  Holly Moore made a couple of runs but could not connect on a final pass.  Piper Gregory had a chance with a long shot but it did not score.  Tessa Hughes came out strong on a couple of occasions to snag the ball ahead of the Shen attackers.  Fiona FitzPatrick carried the ball forward and had a shot followed by some strong defensive play winning the ball at midfield.  Holly another run but blocked out.  Sidney Smith came up big playing a strong clearance on a tense threat by Shen.  Jo Van Royen had a nice lofted free kick into the box but the Shen keeper collected it.  Tessa made another aggressive play coming out hard to grab one on a scramble.  Beatrice Jones with  along lob shot but no pay.  Shen had a last corner before the half but they did not convert.  A scoreless tie at half time.

Shen adjusted well at the half while BC came out looking fatigued.  The Plainsmen got on the board with a high shot from distance.  Tessa Hughes was facing a now low hanging sun as Shen's intensity grew.  After she made a great save on a close range shot, BC was called for a foul in the box and Shen made it 2-0 on a PK.  Holly played a ball over the top for Grace who made a run into the box and got an off balance shot after some body contact and the shot went over the bar.  Soon after Jo VanRoyen was mugged in the box and Grace converted the PK to halve the deficit.  Shen was just too much, though and they went up 3-1 with an effort from 20 yards bending inside left post.  Shen was having their way with the Eagles just outside the 18 and got off numerous shots high and hard for the defenders and Tessa to follow with the sun behind the attackers.  Tessa made a fantastic save on one that she swatted over the cross bar.  Shen scored another two as Bethlehem just didn't have enough in the tank to put up a stronger resistance.  Later in the game, Emma Sinuc came on to add speed to the midfield and made some good combos with Ellie HussarReghan Meek and Sophia Glassman got some good touches and they were making a good effort at possessing fairly well from time to time.

This was not the Eagles day - or at least not the second half.  It was a tough loss to take but they hope to bounce back against Saratoga on Senior Night this Thursday 10/12.

October 5, 2017 - at Columbia - 3-2 WIN

Another beautiful day. A light breeze and temps in the 70’s. This team is charmed…at least from a weather perspective. Columbia came out strong getting to the ball and keeping the pressure on BC’s defense. It took a while for BC to touch the ball. But once they did, the ball found Grace Hotaling and she found Maia Dawson storming toward the goalie unopposed. Columbia’s keeper met Maia at the ball and gobbled-up BC’s first chance. While not a goal, the scare put Columbia on the defensive. Soon thereafter, Holly Moore connected with a solid left foot off the first of nearly a dozen corner kicks. The ball screamed just wide and Columbia now had two scoring threats to keep at bay. At the 32 minute mark, Grace found the back of the net to make it 1-0 BC. A minute later Beatrice Jones rocketed a shot just wide. Columbia now had a third scoring threat to track. At the 27 minute mark Grace found Holly who netted the Lady Eagle’s second goal. 2-0 BC. Columbia launched a sweet corner at the 17 minute mark to test Tessa. Sydney Smith and BC’s defense came up big to clear the ball. Just a couple of minutes later Tess Klugman was the hero with another great clear. Columbia finally tallied their first goal off a direct kick from midfield that a Columbia forward deflected just past Tessa Hughes. 2-1 BC. Fiona Fitzpatrick entered the game to launch a solid head ball from her defensive end all the way back into Columbia’s penalty box to reject a Columbia goal kick; Wow! Beatrice had a nifty turn to start the second half launching a great cross. Holly followed that up with an excellent advance dropping the ball into the box just beyond Jo VanRoyen’s reach. A minute later Olivia Miranda blasted a nice shot on frame that the keeper barely popped just over the crossbar. Weathering those assaults, Columbia took the initiative back for a moment banging a direct kick on frame. Taylor Leslie headed the ball away. With 24 minutes to go Olivia headed a BC corner just wide. Another near miss. Just when it felt like no one could score, Columbia dumped the ball into the box and muscled the ball into the goal during the ensuing scrum. 2-2 Tie. Jo had another good rip with 9 minutes to go, but the score would not change. Columbia dominated possession for the next seven minutes of the game, but Bethlehem still had its chances. Maia Dawson finally found the back of the net with a little over a minute to go. 3-2 BC. A celebratory Lady Eagle’s team closed out the game keeping the ball away from Tessa and her goal. Next-up Shenendahowa on 10/10.

October 3, 2017 - at Mohonasen - 2-1 WIN

This afternoon’s game at Mohonasen started under yet another bluebird sky with a hearty breeze blowing in BC’s favor. From the start, Mohonasen’s squad politely provided the Lady Eagles with time to approach and collect the ball. Bethlehem responded by finding space, passing, and slowing the pace of the game. After about eight minutes, Grace Hotaling lofted a sweet cross to Holly Moore who launched a long arcing shot from the 40 yard line. The ball curled under the crossbar to make the score 1-0 BC. Both teams settled into a long slog. Bethlehem controlled the ball for the rest of the half…and after what seemed like an extended break...controlled the ball for most of the second half. Each team had a few chances in the second half; Bethlehem from within the box, while Mohonasen tried to recreate Holly’s shot from the 40. Tessa Hughes covered each of Mohonasen’s shots with ease. The game's most exciting moment came near the second half’s 30 minute mark when Holly Moore sent a corner kick to the six where Taylor Leslie moved to the ball and headed a sharp shot past a stunned keeper. 2-0 BC. After the celebrating defender finally calmed down, Bethlehem settled down to slog through to the finish. The Lady Eagles dominated control, but seemed content to pursue single striker attacks. Mohonasen’s loan score came on a deep defensive clear served as a ball rolling up through the center splitting Bethlehem’s defense as Mohonasen’s single striker bore down. Tessa adroitly took to the field, but when the dust cleared Tessa had blocked the striker’s shot directly into Bethlehem’s crashing defenders. The rebound rolled the final 30 yards slowly toward Bethlehem’s open goal. Tess Klugman out-sprinted Mohonasen’s striker but couldn’t out-sprint the ball. 2-1 BC. The game ended as it began, but with a better score. Blue sky, a win, and warm temps (for October) made for a pleasant afternoon.

BC heads to Columbia on Thursday on October 5.  Let's go Eagles!

October 2, 2017 - at Niskayuna - 3-3 Draw

The BC girls traveled to Niskayuna to try for revenge from last year's Section 2 Championship game.  After a spirited start with BC earning some good chances, Nisky turned things around.  At about 20 minutes in, the Silver Warriors took the lead on a cross back from the right end line to the 6, 1-0 Nisky.  Bethlehem bounced back and was looking good with a chance or two.  Niskayuna made it 2-0 on a nicely finished individual play in the box from the left side.  The Eagles had a couple of set piece opportunities but could not get on the board before half time.

BC got on the board not too long inot the second half when Grace Hotaling cleaned up a ball bouncing around in the box, 2-1 Niskayuna.  Soon after, Beatrice Jones evened the score on a corner kick that rebounded to where Bea tapped it neatly into the goal, 2-2.  Tessa Hughes made a great save, punching away a well placed Nisky free kick.  BC connected with a header off a corner but it was wide.  Katie Hotaling made a great second effort play to win back and ball in the box and hook a left footed attempt just a little too much and went wide to the right.  Regular time closed out with a 2-2 score.

With fatigue setting in on both sides, play became a bit physical.  Each team had some decent control at times but there was a lot of long ball tries for break aways.  Finally, birthday girl, Olivia Miranda notched one for the highlight reel.  Olivia found the ball at her feet and she drilled a rocket right footed shot from 20 yards into the upper netting to put BC up by a goal with 15 minutes to go.  The second OT period was similar - fatigue, fouls, long balls - but BC now packed in the back to hold off the Niskayuna pressure.  Tessa Hughes came out strong to make a couple of nice clearances and catches.  Then, with about four minutes remaining, a foul was called against BC that put the ball about 20 yards out for Niskayuna.  The Silver Warriors needed two set piece tries but made it count to even the score at 3 goals apiece.  While disappointed about the outcome, having turned around a 0-2 deficit to nearly come away with a win against a strong team, the Eagles can take away a strong effort across the board as they head into the rest of the "away week."  Next up: at Mohonasen tomorrow.   

September 28, 2017 - vs Averill Park - 5-2 WIN

The Lady Eagles started the contest against Averill Park Thursday afternoon with a strong breeze at their backs and a few wispy clouds overhead. Fans and players alike enjoyed a return to seasonable temperatures and low humidity. The girls took the pitch looking grim, but determined. Aided by the wind, the Eagles stole the initiative shortly after AP’s kick-off. It didn’t take long for Jo Van Royen to find the back of the net. 1-0 BC. Just a few minutes later, Grace Hotaling converted a direct kick from the 25 placing a rocket in the top left corner over an out-stretched AP goalie. 2-0 BC. Not satisfied with using the wind advantage, Bethlehem started to control the game with short ground passes. A pretty through pass found Grace racing to the AP end line to the right of the goal. She beat a defender to the line, cut the ball back toward the goal, juked through two more defenders and, straying from the line to create an angle, flipped the ball off the near post. Grace beat the goalie to ball but then drilled the ball right at the keeper. Next, Grace calmly collected the rebound and drilled the ball into the back of the net. The Averill Park coach yelled across the field to let his team know that he had counted six players beaten on that one play. 3-0 BC. At the sixteen minute mark Bethlehem’s keeper, Tessa Hughes, touched the ball for the first time since warm-ups. On the ensuing counter-attack, Holly Moore provided a great cross to a perfectly positioned Katie Hotaling. 4-0 BC. Both teams continued to dig for the ball for the balance of the half. Tess Klugman with some hard defensive play as the half drew walked off with some grass stain to prove her mettle. Averill Park used the wind to their advantage in the second half; Tessa Hughes and her defensive crew became much busier! At about 6 Minutes into the second half, AP tallied a goal off a corner kick. 4-1 BC. Four Minutes later Grace tallied her third goal of the day on a breakaway to make it 5-1 BC. For the rest of the game, Averill Park used the wind to keep the ball in the Bethlehem end. Taylor Leslie headed a sure goal out not once, but twice. Tessa also had a number of saves including a stunning effort on a great AP cross. With just 11 minutes to go, AP finally lofted a long shot over Tessa’s head to bring the score to 5-2. That is where it ended. 5-2 BC Final.

Up next is a big match up against top Council foe, Niskayuna, away on Monday 10/2.  Let's go Eagles!!!

September 26, 2017 - vs Shaker - 4-1 WIN

The BC girls hosted the Shaker Bisons on a sweltering 90 degree afternoon.  The Eagles got off to a quick start when Grace Hotaling ran onto a bouncing ball sent forward by Katie Hotaling and Grace pushed it past the keeper to make it 1-0.  The heat was tough early and the BC side looked to feel every degree with Shaker playing good possession play and pressing forward.  BC was trying a haphazard direct approach under strong pressure in the back.  Shaker had 2 or 3 corners but none for a score.  Then, with Shaker in control of the game flow, their striker made a move past the BC defense and drew the Bisons even with a hooking shot to the upper right.  Shaker continued to press and had good control but the Eagles took the advantage soon with a fantastic play by Ellie Hussar.  She collected a clearance near the top of the penalty arch and dribbled into the box, playing a subtle touch to the left to juke the defender and then hit a perfect left footer into the upper left corner to make it 2-1 BC.  Shaker came back strong but could not equalize before the half.

BC came out better to start the second half of play with more urgency and control.  They soon tilted the field to their advantage by keeping possession out of the back and close defensive work to win 50-50 balls in midfield.  After about 8 minutes Grace dribbled through the box on the left, beating two defenders with speedy and splendid footwork and slotted a low shot inside the near post to make it 3-1 Eagles.  Shaker managed to turn the tide a  bit and had a couple of crosses.  They began to press the issue harder and had a few attacks in succession.  Tessa Hughes made a nice sliding save and then another and another save.  Shaker had a break away shot that pinged off the post and Tessa was all of a sudden quite busy.  BC stopped the attacks and worked the ball forward and Holly Moore put the game seemingly out of reach with a goal from the right inside the 18.  The game ended with a 4-1 victory for the Eagles - a great bounce back win!

Bethlehem hosts Averill Park on 9/28.

September 19, 2017 - at Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake - 5-4 Loss

The scoring started early under a 75 degree bluebird sky at Burnt Hills Ballston Lake Tuesday afternoon. Playing on the grass, Piper Gregory took advantage of a BHBL defensive miscue to walk past the goalie with the ball; 1-0 BC. A minute later, Grace Hotaling took advantage of another BHBL defensive miscue and it looked like a rout was underway with 37 minutes to play in the first half; 2-0 BC. Burnt Hills started to control the ball pushing their way up the field to put pressure on goalie Tessa Hughes. A nifty pass and a missed clear set the stage for a clean shot and a 2-1 score. Burnt Hills used all of their energy and beat BC to the ball lodging a second goal a couple of minutes later. Tessa played a beautiful half, but it ended in a 2-2 tie. Burnt Hills continued its assault after the break. With renewed vigor, BHBL brought the ball deep into the corner and lofted a cross past the far post where a BHBL striker smacked the ball home; 3-2 BHBL. A truly great cross and a spectacular finish. Not to be outdone, Bethlehem struck back on the ensuing kickoff. Grace took a pass down the side line, sent the ball to Piper on the far side who then put the ball on Olivia Miranda’s head at the six for the equalizer. Not bad for fifteen seconds work; 3-3 tie. BHBL rebounded pretty well controlling the ball for a spell. At one point, BHBL won a penalty kick on an inadvertent hand ball as BC’s player was pushed to the ground…go figure that one out. True to form, Tessa Hughes came-up huge to save the point. Shortly thereafter, Tessa had another great save. BHBL’s next goal came off a set play occasioned by a foul against a BC player - 4-3 BHBL. As was the case often this afternoon, when BHBL scored, Bethlehem brought the game back to even right away. This time Holly Moore fed Grace with a stunning through pass for a pretty breakaway; 4-4 tie.  The ball failed to clear the zone and a toe poked the ball past Tessa. BHBL 5 - Bethlehem 4. While this was a heartbreaker, kudos are due to BHBL’s goalie for spectacular play. Without a half dozen diving saves, Bethlehem would have walked away with the win

With the Thursday holiday BC will get a little break in the schedule to prepare for a Shaker side that will surely be primed to make amends for last year's double OT loss in the sectional quarterfinal at the hands of BCHS.

September 14, 2017 - at Troy - 2-1 WIN

The BC girls took on the Trojans in an evening game at Troy High's turf field.  The Eagles were mostly dominant throughout, starting fast and pushing the ball forward for some early opportunities by Piper Gregory and Beatrice JonesMaia Dawson made a few runs down the right wing but BC could not connect.  Jones got on the end of a free kick by Grace Hotaling for a header that just missed scoring.  A short corner attempt by Hotaling enabled a chance by Holly Moore that went just wide.  Troy was able to make a few transitional attacks and on one trip down the field, they won a penalty inside the box on an over-the-back defensive header attempt.  Troy made good on the attempt and went up 1-0.  The Eagles were not too rattled and they remained patient although pressing too much at times.  Final a corner kick resulted in a score when Beatrice played the service to Piper for the goal.  The Half ended at 1-1.

Troy started the second half fairly well but soon the Eagles once again maintained control.  Grace had a chance and made a nice chip shot to the left post but it didn't go.  Then coming in from the left, Olivia Miranda played a square pass to Grace out front just inside the 18 and she pounded it to the lower left corner to make it 2-1, Bethlehem.  On a break away run soon after, Grace got obstructed but the free kick went just over.  Dawson had a nice lefty shot that was saved.  Troy packed it in, hoping for something on transition.  Shannon Donnelly played strongly to the Troy end line a won a corner.  Miranda ripped a couple of shots but they were blocked away.  Finally Troy had a chance on a break away but Tessa Hughes came out strong to make a heads-up defensive play with her feet, booting away the opportunity.  Katie Hotaling came on and made several nice forward pass attempts to on-running strikers but Troy's defense held.  Maia played a nice through pass to Grace but the play wasn't on.  On another free kick Grace drilled it and it was blocked.  The rebound was had but it missed.  A last in-swinging corner by Moore was caught at the goal line for a save.

Bethlehem played well on the turf and overcame an early deficit to earn the victory over a Trojan side that had some surprising quick transition attacking capability.  Next up, the Eagles hit the Northway for a meeting with Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake HS on 9/19.     

September 12, 2017 - vs Albany - 4-0 WIN

The Falcons of Albany High came to BCHS Varsity field to take on the Eagles on a warm, sunny day.  The BC girls jumped out to a quick advantage scoring three goals within the first quarter of the game.  Olivia Miranda started things off by netting a header off a corner kick.  Piper Gregory made it 2-0 with a nice shot to beat the goalie.  Holly Moore sliced through defenders to bounce a shot off the keeper and into the goal.  BC remained in control and many players were making strong runs and taking lots of shots.  It was 3-0 at half time.

The second have was one of many shots.  Piper hit one off the cross bar early on that bounced straight down but the goalies snagged it before it crossed the line.  Beatrice Jones had a rip from distance.  Holly Moore capitalized on a foul just outside the 18 and centered up on goal by taking a quick restart and lofting a shot into the upper right corner to make it 4-0.  Grace Hotaling made a few forays into the left side of the penalty area beating defenders again and again to get shots and crosses off but nothing scored.  A Hotaling pass back to Shannon Donnelly at 12 yards but the shot went just over the bar.  Sophia Glassman made a few nice efforts, including a hard left footed shot that was saved.  Ellie Hussar played a sweet behind the leg pass to Glassman who chipped a shot over the defenders and keeper but bounced off the bar.  Shot after shot after shot.  Sophia, Shannon, Katie Hotaling off the bar.  The Eagles showed a lot of offensive pressure and were able to develop some plays around the defenders.  They came away with a very comfortable win.

BC travels up 787 to take on Troy in an evening match up at Troy High on 9/14.

September 7, 2017 - vs Guilderland - 4-0 WIN

The BC Eagles faced off against Guilderland for a home match on the first day of school.  With Hooligans in full spirit, the girls came out strong and never really let up to keep a clean sheet against the Dutchmen.  After an early free kick conceded to Guiderland, BC forward Maia Dawson made a transitional run, winning one of seemingly countless Eagle corner kicks that would come in the first half.  One after another, corners were all that BC had to claim for their high pressure offense.  On one corner kick effort, the Eagles ricocheted the ball around the box, punching shot after shot into a defender or the keeper but getting nothing past.   Grace dribbled through for a shot... saved.  Maia, a cross but nobody to finish.  Holly, left footed shot saved.  Substitutions were made and BC settled into a nice possession style with Fiona FitzPatrick making runs up the right side and Emma Sinuc rattling the Guilderland defenders on the left.  Jo VanRoyen made an epic run from deep in the BC side all the way to the Guilderland penalty area and fired off a shot.  Final, a corner kick paid off as VanRoyen came up to take Moore's ground ball pass from the corner, made a touch to the right and curled a beauty from the 18 into the upper right netting.  It was 1-0 BC.  And then another corner paid off as Tess Klugman's right footed in-swinger bent into the goal for her first of the year - 2-0, BC!  Grace Hotaling was taken down in the box but BC was awarded only an indirect free kick from the penalty stripe which was drilled by Olivia Miranda but cleared by the Dutchmen.  Guilderland mustered a run and a shot from distance that Tessa Hughes easily collected.  Sydney Smith came forward on a run and got off a shot that was saved.  Ellie Hussar was heard as well with a right-footed effort from distance.  Half time whistle blew the game to a break with the Eagles in command at 2-0.

In the second half, Bethlehem's dominance continued as Beatrice Jones started things off with a rip from the 18 but it didn't score.   On a transition play, Moore slotted a ball through the defense to Piper Gregory making a run and she calmly finished the play with a goal to the left side of the net - 3-0 BC!  A Guilderland defender made a long run to win a corner kick but BC came right back on a transition play when Gregory carried the ball into the left side of the penalty area and sent a cross over to Maia Dawson for the goal to make it 4-0.  The Eagles defenders stood firmly on the center line for most of the half as BC was all up in the offensive half.  VanRoyen served a nice ball over the top to Piper for a chance that went over the bar.  Olivia nailed a left-footed attempt just wide.  The Dutchmen had a nice opportunity but the shot went wide.  Holly had a chance but slammed the right footed shot wide left.  Maia had another nice shot but it was saved.  Fiona Ryan held down the center mid duties and made a chip pass but just too long.  Sophie Glassman made a quick dash down the line to develop some attacking action.  Ryan dribbled through the box to get off a shot but it was saved.

With two goals on restarts and two on transition plays, plus plenty of opportunities for several players, the Eagles showed that they are gelling with a potent attacking game.  They are establishing some good play to build upon as they look ahead to hosting Albany on 9/12.  Nice game, girls!

September 5, 2017 - at Colonie - 5-1 WIN

The BC girls played an away game that turned out to be a nice homecoming to the Cap Region and Suburban Council.  The game kicked off at 4:15 under threatening skies and 6 minutes in Grace Hotaling made it 1-0, BC, on an unassisted beauty after cutting through the central defenders into the box, she beat the keeper with a sweet push shot inside the right post.  Colonie quickly returned the favor only minutes later when their striker lofted a ball from distance that floated into the far upper 90.  Bethlehem then took some control and managed to win a long restart and a couple of corner kicks but no advantage goal.  Colonie worked some opportunities on quick break aways and won a corner that bounced around the box before Tessa Hughes was able to collect it.  BC was passing well in midfield and had a few shots but they were off the mark.  The pressure began to wear on the Red Raiders and after a foul called against them, things began to get chippy with both teams fighting hard for advantage.  The first half concluded knotted at 1 goal apiece.

After an intermission that was extended by lightening threat, the Eagles jumped out with an electric jolt.  Hotaling made an extra-effort play to beat the keep to a bouncing ball in the box and she played back across the goal line where Maia Dawson finished the play for her first BCHS goal to give the Eagles a 2-1 lead.  Piper Gregory carried the ball forward and took a long shot.  Hotaling again made a nifty move in the box to get off a lefty laser but the keeper made a tremendous diving stop.    Soon after Grace was taken down just outside the box and buried the ensuing free kick over the wall into the left side netting to make it 3-1.  Taking full advantage now, Grace played an air ball into the left side of the penalty area to Gregory who left footed it across to Dawson for the goal - 4-1, Eagles!  Then the Hotaling girls teamed up when Katie Hotaling made a deft forward pass to sister Grace who completed her hat trick on the evening and made it a 5-1 BC advantage.  It was pretty much all BC in the second half.  Emma Sinuc came up top to apply further pressure to the Raiders back line, getting a couple of nice shots off.  Ellie Hussar drilled a line drive that was saved.  Katie Hotaling dribbled through the box and got off a right footed effort.  As the rain and lightening held off, the Eagles dialed in their offense and went home with the lopsided victory.  Great job, ladies!

The Eagles will host Guiderland on 9/7 to cap off the first day of school.

September 1, 2017 - at Baldwinsville - 1-0 Loss

On Friday, September 1, 2017, Lady Eagles continued their Syracuse tour at C.W. Baker High School in Baldwinsville. Two minutes into the game the Baldwinsville Bees quickly took a shot on goal that was stopped by Lady Eagles ‘goalie, Tessa Hughes. A few minutes later Forwards Holly Moore and Grace Hotaling had beautiful passes that connected for a shot on goal. Both teams continued to play hard and were evenly matched. Marissa Mastracco had a good hustle and tried hard to push the ball up the field to make something happen for the Eagles. The action continued for the Eagles’ defense and they forced a missed shot on goal by the Bees. At half time the score was 0 to 0 and teams continued to be evenly matched.

The second half started quickly with a free kick for the Lady Eagles and a great diving save by goalie Tessa Hughes. Ten minutes into the half a nice play by Maia Dawson and Holly Moore connected for a shot on goal that just missed the net. With 12 minutes left to play in the half, the Bees scored. Lady Eagles had a high shot on goal a few minutes later that sailed over the top of the net. The pace of play continued to increase as the Lady Eagles tried to tie up the game. Unfortunately it was not enough and the Bees beat the Eagles 1 to 0.  

Next up... BCHS visits the Colonie Red Raiders on 9/5 to continue Suburban Council play.

August 31. 2017 - at Liverpool - 3-1 Loss

The Liverpool Warriors hosted the Lady Eagles on Thursday, August 31, 2017. The weather was perfect for a game. The game started with a great deal of action by the Eagles’ defense. Goalie, Tessa Hughes, saved a shot on goal after 7 minutes into the game. Lady Eagles, Grace Hotaling returned the action with two shots on goal. Twenty minutes into the first half, Senior Holly Moore had a beautiful free kick on the Warrior’s goal. Liverpool’s goalie tipped the ball with one hand over the cross bar which set the Eagles up for a corner kick. Our Lady Eagles continued to play hard and fouls were shared back and forth between both teams. Unfortunately, with a few minutes left in the half, Liverpool scored the first goal. Shortly after, Liverpool scored again off a free kick.

The second half started off on a quick pace. Lady Eagles Maia Dawson took a shot on goal 4 minutes in and was quickly followed by another shot on goal by Grace Hotaling. The Eagles’ passes continued to connect and there were 3 more shots on goal in the first 10 minutes. Tess Klugman had a fantastic corner kick as a follow-up to the 3rd shot to keep the momentum going. A few minutes later Grace Hotaling and Piper Gregory worked together to score for the Lady Eagles. Seventeen minutes into the half, Sydney Smith took control of the ball and pushed up the center to pass to Piper Gregory for a shot on goal.

The Warriors got the ball back and capitalized on a strong corner kick to score their third goal. In the final few minutes Sophie Glassman, Marissa Mastracco and Emma Sinuc had an exciting play to only have the ball hit the cross bar and go over the top. The game ended 3 to 1.

August 29, 2017 - vs Ballston Spa - 1-0 WIN

The Eagles kicked off the season with a win against visitors, Ballston Spa, in a late morning match at BC Varsity Field.  Piper Gregory notched the lone goal in a 1-0 victory on an assist by Maia Dawson.  The BC side was in control for most of the game and managed numerous shots.  A good way to start the season and prep for the Section 3 powers they will face later this week in Syracuse.  Well done, girls!

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