BC Lady Eagles Basketball

Bethlehem Lady Eagles vs. Columbia Blue Devils, Friday, January 18th. Click here to view our online Home Game Program.


Meet the Eagles

Piper Lilley's Album - Girls Varsity Basketball 2018-19

Basketball Concession Duties

For concession stand, each family MUST sign up to help out during Mod 9, JV or V games. We are asking Mod 9 parents to sign up for 1 concession stand duty, and JV/Varsity parents for TWO or more during the season.

  • 2 volunteers needed per concession duty per game.
  • Baked goods should be individually wrapped (brownies, cookies)
  • Crock pot dishes that sell well: mac & cheese, pulled pork/chicken...
  • We ask that each JV and Varsity family donates one case of water or an 8 pack of Gatorade (20 oz )

SignupGenius for Concession **Required Sign-up- 2 slots per family for Varsity and JV players, 1 slot per family for Mod 9**


-Schedule for 2018- 2019 season, click HERE

-Mark your calendar: February 8, 2019 Senior Night.

-SignupGenius Link HERE.-

Flapjack Fundraiser

Thank you for your support

Daily Fundraising Raffle

Thank you for your support

12/31/18 Winner Iva Zornow- $25- sold by Caroline Wise12/30/18 Winner John Kondrat- $75- sold by Olivia Corazinni12/29/18 Winner Melissa Robins-$25- sold by Emma Haertel12/28/18 Winner Karen Huang- $50- sold by Damla Ciceck12/27/18 Winner Steve Stein- $50- sold by Caroline Wise12/26/18 Winner Kristen O'Neill- $25- sold by Maggie O'Neill12/25/18 Winner Stacey Hudecek- $200- sold by Julia Harvey12/24/18 Winner Chris Wise-$25-sold by Caroline Wise12/23/18 Winner Julia Buckle-$75-sold by Damla Cicek12/22/18 Winner Bob Vanina -$25- sold by Christine Schrempf12/21/18 Winner Adrienne Vaughn-$25_ sold by Emma black.12/20/18 Winner Alison Bosko- $150- sold by Gwen McFerran12/19/18 Winner Sue Fox- $25-sold by Kiersten Murray12/18/18 Winner- Ella Rozoncuoki- $25- sold by Jalyn Walsh12/17/18 Winner- Jason Vogel- $25- sold by Caroline Wise12/16/18 Winner- Megan Barnes- $75- sold by Rachel Barnes12/15/18 Winner- Jaime Louridas- $25- sold by Maren Louridas12/14/18 Winner- Kay Byrne- $25- sold by Kelley Maney12/13/18 Winner: Kay Byrne- $25- sold by Kelley Maney12/12/18 Winner: Lauretta McFerran- $50- sold by Gwen McFerran12/11/18 Winner: Rick Leach- $25-sold by Caroline Wise12/10/18 Winner: Kimberly Palella- $25- sold by Nina Palella12/9/18 Winner: Selica Grant- $75 - sold by Langston Williams12/8/18 Winner: E. Rogers - $25- sold by Rebecca Rogers12/7/18 Winner: Emily Weinert- $25- sold by Julia Weinert12/6/18 Winner: Beth Devane- $25 - Sold by Mary Devane12/5/18 Winner: Tim O'Brien- $50 - sold by Paige Davenport12/4/18 Winner: Glenn Corazzini- $25- ticket sold by Olivia Corazzini 12/3/18 Winner: Karen Olewnick- $25- ticket sold by Emma Haertel12/2/18 Winner : Christine Dudgeon- $75- Ticket sold by Kiersten Murray 12/1/18 Winner: Allyson Buff- $25- ticket sold by Emma Black.


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