Beth-horon Lodge, AF&AM
Established November 15, 1870

Needham Masonic Apartments
1101 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA 02494

Regular meeting 3rd Tuesday of every month.

  • Established November 15, 1870, in Brookline, MA.
  • Constituted October 23, 1871 in Lyceum Hall in Brookline, MA.
  • Seal of Beth-horon adopted on May 13, 1874 representing an oriental scene in the pass of Beth-horon on the road from Joppa to Jerusalem with the "All Seing Eye" above and the inscription "Unde venire auxilium nostrum" (Whence cometh our help).
  • The name Beth-horon is of Hebrew origin, "Beth" signifying house and "horon" cavern in the hills; specifically meaning temple, or house of worship.
  • Merged with Nehoiden Lodge in July of 2010.
Below are links to two detailed histories of Beth-horon Lodge.  The first was written for the Lodge's 50th Anniversary Br. Rt. Wor. Emery B. Gibbs in 1920 while the second was written for the 100th Anniversary of Beth-horon by Rt. Wor. Howard E. Perry in 1970.
    By: Rt. Wor. Emery B. Gibbs
    By Rt. Wor. Howard E. Perry