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Bethlehem Festival Fund (Bethlehem Community Fund)

PO Box 341, Delmar, NY  12054

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Mission Statement:

Bethlehem’s Community Fund, formerly known as the Bethlehem Festival Fund, quietly helps children, families, individuals and the elderly living in the Bethlehem Community whose needs fall through the cracks of traditional programs. Typically, they are facing economic difficulties because of job loss, disasters, divorce, illness or other life changes.

A long-standing tradition of the Fund, assistance is given anonymously with the utmost respect for the pride and privacy of the recipients. The Bethlehem Community Fund is a true example of neighbor helping neighbor.


Our History: The Bethlehem Community White Christmas Festival began in 1942 as several nights of performances that included community groups in song, music, pageantry and drama.  Donations collected after each performance were used to extend the spirit of community and sharing throughout the entire year.  In 1967 the pageant was discontinued, but the tradition of community spirit was so strong that the activities of the Festival have continued to today.


Our Purpose: The Fund quietly helps children, families and the elderly living within the Bethlehem School District, whose needs may range from a new pair of shoes to a bag of groceries.  Our ability to act quickly without red tape allows us to address the needs that would otherwise fall through the cracks.


How is the Fund Organized: The Bethlehem Festival Fund is a 501(c) Tax-Exempt Organization as defined by the I.R.S. and donations to the Fund are Tax Deductible.  The Fund has a Board of Trustees, an Advisory Board and Professional Consultants.  While the management and operation of the Fund is conducted by lay volunteers of the Bethlehem Community, full cooperation of the officials of the Bethlehem Township and Bethlehem Central School District has always prevailed.  Our Annual Meeting is open to the public.


Who Contributes to the Fund: The Fund receives money from voluntary donations and fund raising activities of students, church groups, service clubs, businesses and individuals in addition to interest earned on bank balances.


Isn't this a duplication of services?  Definitely not! Bethlehem Festival monies work to fill the gap left by traditional social services.  Teachers, nurses, guidance counselors, school social workers and area clergy make most of the requests for assistance.  An added benefit of the Fund is the long standing tradition whereby assistance is given quickly, quietly and with great respect for the individual's privacy.  The Bethlehem Festival Fund is a true example of neighbor helping neighbor.


How are the Monies spent?  The Fund has a budget of about $20,000 per year.  Our only expenses are for postage and stationary.  Some examples of the Fund’s recent beneficiaries....

80 turkeys as part of the Holiday baskets, that also included can goods, clothing and gifts, 2 eyeglasses, 1 summer camper ships, 3 after-school support programs, 3 clothing, 28 summer school or tutoring, 5 school supplies, 16 school field trips, 4 housing, 1 cap and gown, 6 swim pass, 2 medical emergency


How can we obtain more information or make a contribution?

Just ask any one of our Officers or Trustees or mail your contribution to P.O. Box 341, Delmar, NY 12054.

      President: Greg Jackson, 439-7828

      Vice Pres.: John Guestella, 598-3434

      Secretary: Delores Johnson, 439-5767

      Treasurer: Paul Gutman, 439-1857

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