BASC -- as in “bask in the afternoon sunlight, moonlight, spotlights, and occasional fireworks light” while skiing or snowboarding at Liberty, Whitetail, and Roundtop mountains just across the Maryland line in Pennsylvania!  BASC is primarily a "virtual" club created by a few skiing/snowboarding families in the Bethesda, MD area for the purpose of obtaining a discount night ski/board club card (NCC) that can be additionally discounted via a rebate from selling the complimentary chaperone cards or one-time use vouchers we receive. 

For those new to NCCs, they are simply a group discount skiing/snowboarding approach that many schools, churches, scout troops, neighborhoods, and others use routinely. Our club, BASC, was started by Jim and Judy Laurenson and friends in the Bethesda area in October 2012 as a way for neighbors and friends (and us!) to get an
additional discount on their NCCs, beyond the discount that’s already built into the NCC. For more about the additional discount/rebate, see the "fine print" box below. For more about the NCC system, see this link.

The fine print -- what's the “additional discount”?

The NCC is just a way for Liberty and sibling mountains to get someone else--the club organizers (us!)--to market and sell NCCs for them, and in return the organizers get a free NCC or six one-time use vouchers for every 15 that are sold, plus another three NCCs (or 18 one-time use vouchers) for every 40 sold (or a season's pass at the 40 mark, but we usually just go for the NCCs). Thus, 45 regular members results in 6 free NCCs or up to 36 one-time use vouchers! Most NCC clubs use the free NCCs/vouchers for the organizers, chaperones, gifts, etc. We do things a bit differently and instead roll the free NCCs/vouchers back into the club so that we can share them as a discount/rebate. Once we see how many people actually buy NCCs through this club by about early December or once we reach 51 members (45 regular members plus 6 members who buy the free NCCs/vouchers), whichever comes first, we'll know how many of the free NCCs/vouchers we’ll get and thus how much of an additional discount everyone gets back. If we hit 51 members--which we've done every year thus far!--we'll reach our maximum additional discount amount of about $14 to $18 per NCC (depending on what kinds of cards people buy). So for example if you buy a basic early bird NCC for $184, and we hit the max members, you could end up having paid only $166. After 51 members, we'll need another 15 to get another free card or six vouchers to sell for a rebate for those 15 members, etc., though that rebate will be smaller because it only reflects one free NCC or six vouchers. Note that those who buy the free NCCs or vouchers cannot take advantage of the "$30 rollover" option for the next year if they don't ski enough this year, but they do get a greater rebate. To be completely transparent, we do take about a 50% discount for the three organizers' cards because of how much time this takes to organize and how many NCCs we sell, but trust us, this is totally not-for-profit...correction...this is probably a total money loser for us given the time involved! But it's fun, and an experiment, we get to interact with lots of nice folks, and we get to share a discount with everyone!!
Members MUST be able to either (1) purchase the NCC, upload the photos needed for the pass ID, etc. through Liberty’s ONLINE SYSTEM described below OR (2) contact the Liberty staff (contact information below) and they'll usually do it for you on the phone. Our staff (ha ha!) don’t have the time to deal with the offline version of this, which would involve lots of paper forms, photo printouts, and checks sent to us for schlepping to Liberty. (The alumni of the North Bethesda Middle School Ski Club, which also uses the offline version of the Liberty NCC system, know what we're talking about!) After we get the maximum number of members for the rebate, as noted in more detail below, new members join directly through BASC and not via the Liberty online system.

The deadline for the early bird pricing for the 2018-19 winter season was November 7, NCC skiing starts January 2, 2019. There is no deadline for getting an NCC through BASC, however, whether by via the regular route of buying an NCC, or via the purchase of the complimentary cards or one-time use vouchers (the proceeds of which are used for rebates for everyone). Basically, the best BASC discount/rebate goes to those who sign up early. Any BASC discount/rebate after we reach our magic target of 45 regular members will depend on whether additional increments of 15 and 40 more additional members join so that a discount/rebate from selling more complimentary cards or one-time use vouchers can be shared. See "the fine print" and "status" boxes for details. We stress the "read the instructions carefully" bit because this won’t be cost-effective if we have to answer a lot of questions. But if you do have any questions about NCC in general or the use of the sign-up instructions below, please contact Liberty at 717-642-8282 ext. 3305 or email If you have any questions about BASC and the discount/rebate, please email

While this club is designed mainly for getting additional discounts on NCCs that go beyond what the regular NCC provides, it can also be an opportunity to CARPOOL from the Bethesda, MD area. So feel free to send BASC's link to skiing/boarding friends or your neighborhood or school listserv and get a group together, and/or email the other BASC.

Image result for join google groupsYou can also join our facebook group and/or google group, and send friends there too. Find out the latest on the slopes, gather a carload of other members, or just chat about skiing! And again the more members we have the larger the discount to all of us (to an extent -- see "the fine print" box). We'll also have a little "meet and greet" for card and voucher distribution, at which point you can make connections with other club members then.

Status as of 11/16/2018

We have more than 60 regular paying members already this year! We're likely to hit the magic target 80 members for the best rebate amount! We're well past the first best rebate target of 45 regular paying members for purposes of obtaining complimentary passes for use as rebates (see the "fine print" box above). The current complimentary passes have either already been sold or converted to the six-each one time use vouchers (currently for sale), the proceeds of which we use to generate the rebates for everyone. We now need to hit the next targets of 75 and then 80 paying members for four additional comp. passes!


To purchase your NCC online you will need to follow these instructions. You must follow these instructions carefully! The system isn’t completely intuitive in our (BASC’s) opinion, but it’s what Liberty and sibling mountains use, and they are getting better! A huge improvement last year was an online waiver form. So no more need to send the form to BASC, woohoo! Let BASC know ASAP if you had an issue with these instructions and worked it out, and we'll add that here. Please don't ask BASC though how to sign on, etc., as we don't have the bandwidth and probably haven't a clue anyway, sorry. If you're a pro already with the online system, you can go straight to this link and have at it. Enter the following information in the Club Login in Box in the center of the screen--don't use the User sign in at the top:

Club name:  BASC

Password (case sensitive): newmember

When you select Night Club Cards OR one of the NCC Night Season Passes, note that most of us will want to select Night Club Cards option, which is the 1st selection.

When deciding if you want to purchase the Advantage Card Option, note that it will save you 40% off your lift ticket (and rentals and lessons if purchased) anytime you cannot use your Night Club Card, such as day skiing. For only $20 it will be added as an option to your Night Club Card Pass and will pay for itself after only ONE use! We always get it.

When looking yourself up via Add/Change Guest, just type in the first few letters of your first and last name and select Look Me Up. You will be given a list of all the possible names to select. Enter your password. If you had a password last year, ignore the phone #/zip code prompt! If you do not know your password, you can select to have it emailed to you. You will receive an email with a new password to enter. If you have any trouble with this, you can call the resort and have the password reset and given to you.

Save time and upload a photo during this stage if you don't have a current one loaded. Otherwise, you will need to follow the instructions at this link.

At the completion of your purchase the NCC Electronic Waiver will come up. Please follow the instructions. The online confirmation will appear.

***No card will be issued by Liberty to us and thus for delivery to you without a signed release agreement.***

BASC will keep everyone posted using the email you entered when buying the card when we receive the cards from Liberty. In early December, we will calculate how many members there are, and thus how many complimentary cards
 or one-time use vouchers we are getting, and thus how much of a discount/rebate everyone will get. We will hold a "meet/greet and card/voucher pickup" session somewhere in the Bethesda area to distribute the cards/vouchers and discount/rebate. The "meet/greet" part is also for anyone who wants to meet other members and set up carpools, etc. For those who can't make it, we can send the cards/vouchers and rebates in the mail. Also, you can pick up your card/voucher from the Liberty Group Sales desk, which is in the clock tower building, or the Whitetail or Roundtop group sales desks (wherever they are!) but you need to let Liberty and us know -- emails below. 

If you need assistance with signing up using the above instructions,

please call 717-642-8282 ext. 3305 or email

If you have questions about BASC, email