Why We Never Got to School

by Jenna Leber


There once was a girl named Jill and a boy named Tom.  They were on their way to school but they wanted to know why they walked forever and never got to school.  When they stopped to cool down they talked about why they were not getting to school.  They're not getting to school because they are walking in a circle.  Now they walk straight ahead.  They got stuck again.

     The two kids had no idea why they were not getting to school.  They wished they could get to school because if they don't get to school they would be in trouble.  They got a car ride.  they would get there faster now.  Although one day they couldn't get a ride.  "Oh no!" Jill exclaimed.  "How will we get to school?" Suddenly rain poured, thunder boomed and lightning flashed.  I can't believe it's raining.  But when Jill got up, she was happy because it was only a dream.