Under the Rug

by Ian Ong 


          Two weeks passed and it happened again…that old man was always trying to get rid of that thing.  It was bumpy and always tripping everybody who walked on it.  That old man had to come up with a good plan.  One night, he found that the thing wasn’t moving.  It was asleep.  The man decided to play a trick on him.  He walked up to the rug and stepped on it!  That thing was round, so it rolled to the edge, but it was alive, so it rolled right back!  And fast!  So the man put his foot there and the thing rolled back; the foot was like a wall so it bounced on the foot and onto the bald floor.  It was a magic ball.  The old man said,

“My word!  Go back to your master!”

But the ball spoke said,

“I do not have a master.”

The old man said,

“Can I be your master?”

 The ball said yes. 

So the old man became the ball’s master and they lived happily ever after.

The end.