Total Control

 by Margaret Kovalchick

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a little girl named Maria.  She was sitting out on her porch one day when a shooting star flew by.  She made a wish....  

I wish I had a remote control so I could go backward, forward, pause, reset, and play.

The next day she woke up and went to her closet to get a shirt when she saw a red, green, yellow, and blue light on the top of her closet.  She picked it up, looked at it, and couldn't believe her eyes!!  It was a remote!  She was wondering if it worked.  She pushed the fast forward button and in a millisecond, she was dressed and ready to go.  At school, she fast forwarded to gym and then went back to do it again.  Then she fast forwarded to lunch and then she fast forwarded to when it was time to go home.  She couldn't wait until tomorrow for school.  The next day, she got dressed by pushing the fast forward button and went to wait for the bus.  When she got to school, she fast forwarded to gym and then she pressed rewind button, she got caught in a time vortex.  She closed her eyes and kept on spinning and spinning.  When she finally felt solid ground, she realized she wasn't home.  She went back to the time period when dinosaurs roamed the world!  Maria saw the remote and when she was half way, she was stopped by a big, huge T-Rex!  He was a hundred feet tall with razor-sharp claws and teeth the size of screwdrivers!  But the scariest thing was the blood-colored eyes.

Maria panicked, but then she laid down and didn't move.  She remembered that T-Rexes don't have the best eyesight and even if he could she her, his legs and arms are too stubby to reach her.  Finally, the T-Rex went to find dinner somewhere else.  Maria went and got her remote and pushed the fast orward button, but once again, Maria got caught in a time vortex.  When she landed, she thought she was in prehistoric times again, but she wasn't.  She went to the future!  Maria was scared.  She asked a man what year it was.

"2200" said the man.

"2200" said Maria.

"I fast forward 200 years" said Maria. "I have to get back to my own time period."  "Where's the remote? oh no!  I must have let it go in the time vortex.  It could be any where by now," said Maria.  "What should I do?  I know. I'll ask someone if there is any transportation to the past."

A woman came and Maria told her about the remote. "Oh" said the lady.  "Those remotes.  They got a million of them at Shop and Shop."

"Shop and Shop?" asked Maria.

"Right over there" said the lady.

"Thanks" said Maria.

She went over and asked for a remote.

"25 cents" said the clerk.

"OK" said Maria.  "Good thing I haven't gone to lunch yet. I still have my milk money."

Maria asked if they were good and wouldn't get stuck in a time vortex.  The clerk said yes.  Maria pushed the button and in 5 seconds-tops-she was home.  She put the remote in a box and closed the lid with duct tape and wrote on the lid, DANGER, and buried it in her backyard.  Before maria buried it, she said some last words:

"I had a once in a lifetime experience.  Too bad I can't tell anyone.:

And she buried the box.

Well, this is where my story ends.  A story of dinosaurs, remote controls, and time travels.