The Two Pirates

by Max Heller

   Long ago a kid named William fell into the ocean and floated to this beach.  A girl named Abby found him and saw a necklace with a skull on it.  She ripped it off of him and kept it.  A couple years later she was thinking about it.  She thought and she said, "He's a pirate!"  Then William got a job making swords.  Then one day this guy named Max Sporow came.  He is a true Pirate.  Max Sporow asked William if he woudl like to sail with me?  William said "Yes!"  They got on to the ship.  They were sailing when William started to sing "Yo-ho a Pirates life for me!" 

     Then they wrecked their ship.  They got onto the island and saw a treasure chest inside there was pirate clothes.  There was an eyepatch, a bandana, a captains coat, pants, a pair of boots and gold.  They made a hut and made a pirate town.

The End