The Third Floor Bedroom

By Jenna Leber 

It all began when someone left the window open.  A man got into the room.  Everyone knows who he is.  They see him on TV about the bank he robbed.  the man looked everywhere in the room like he was trying to find something.  He when to the door in a disquise.  Then he talked to a bellhop.  He went downstairs and stole all the money left.  The cashier called Nancy Drew.  She came the next day.  She went to the bedroom and asked the man who was staying there if he was missing anything. 

He said, "No."

Nancy Drew looked everywhere and saw hair, but it was not the man who stayed in the room.  She took a hair and sent it to Ned.  Ned is a close friend and helps.  Nancy Drew knows who the man is.  His name is Brad Dow.  When they found Brad, he got shot in the head.  The gun was still there and had fingerprints on it.  They led to Jeff Bear.  He is in the hotel now so the FBI came to get him.  Thanks to Nancy, she had saved the day once again.