The Tale of Lilly Crosswire

by Sydney Misak 


            Once when I, Lilly Crosswire, was coming home from school on a hot sunny day, I found a box while on my way.  I picked it up and went home.  The rest of home was peace and quiet.  When I got home, I ran quickly upstairs.  I sat the box on my bed.  Then my mom called me for dinner.  I ate dinner and went back upstairs to my bedroom and opened the box.  In the box, there was a puppy.  We started to play and then it bit me!

          Something weird happened after it bit me.  I started to bark and the dog started to talk!  What had happened to me and the dog?  My mom told me to do my homework.  It was at that moment that I realized the dog and I had swapped everything.  What am I going to do when mom finds out?  She would probably kill me.  What would I do?

          The next day at school, you can probably guess what happened.  Well, I ended up going to the nurse’s office.  The nurse said, “What’s wrong this time, Lily?”

          “Woof, woof!” I called out.

          “You must have Dog’s Bite.  You can not stay at school, Lilly.  You have to go to the hospital.”

          The nurse called my mom.  She told her to be there at 1:00.  My mom was there.

          Yes, I did have Dog’s Bite.  I also had to stay in the hospital.  I actually had fun -until the medicine.  My first enemy.  Well, at least I got to pick a flavor. 

          My mom told me to be smart next time.  She took the dog to the vet.  He was examined and fixed.  I named her Abigail.  I also found out that it was a < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">Chihuahua, my most favorite breed of dog.

          The next day, I went back to school and everybody thought I still had the Dog’s Bite.  But as it turned out, I did not have Dog’s Bite.  Everybody else did!  I went to the nurse, but I was too late.  The whole office was crowded. I couldn’t even get through the hallway.  It was so crowded; I couldn’t even get out of the room!  Even the nurse was sick.  Not much later after I arrived, I heard the principal over the loud speaker. He said, “School’s out!”

          Everybody ran to their lockers and got their stuff and ran home.  Only I stayed.  I was the only one not ill.   It was my day.  I had the whole playground all to myself!  I was sad that my best friend was not there, but I sure was glad that the bully wasn’t.  I eventually went home and the next day was Saturday.