The Remote Control

by Ian Ong

There once was a boy named A.J. who was very poor.  He had very little food.  He was starved.  One very fine day A.J. found a mysterious remote control.  A.J. did not know what the control did.  He pressed a button, nothing happened.  He pressed the button again and suddenly, out of nowhere popped a lifetime supply of food!!!!!!!!!   A.J. was surprised, he decided to keep the control.  He, A.J., had finally got food at July 7th!  A.J. used that remote for everything!  Then one stormy night, A.J. forgot that the control was outside.  IT thundered alot, then the remote got shocked by a bolt of thunder!!! A.J. forgot all about the control.  So the control broke, of course!  But A.J.'s dad hired a charitable person to take care of them.  And that ended on July 9th.

The End.