Olivia's Story

by Olivia Gerwig


Once upon a time a ten year old girl named Jenny was at school writing her essay about her vacation to Florida.  After she was done, she walked up to her teacher’s desk and gave the teacher her paper.  The teacher took the paper and read it

          “Very nice, Jenny.”

          “Thank you,” said Jenny.

          Just then the school bell rang.  All the students ran out of the room.  Jenny just watched them go.

          “Jenny?” said the teacher.

          “Yes?” said Jenny.

          “You may go now,” said the teacher.

          “Thank you,” said Jenny.

          She went over to her desk and took her backpack and swung it over her shoulder.  After she was out of the classroom, she started to run.  She ran down the hallway until she saw a bunch of kids.  Just then her bus came.  She pushed her way through the crowd of kids until she reached the door.  It was a rainy day, so she closed her eyes and opened the door and ran.   She could feel the rain against her face.  She opened her eyes and the bus was gone.

          “Oh,” thought Jenny.

          Just then, she saw the back of the bus turn the corner.

          “There it is!” exclaimed Jenny. 

          She started after the bus.  After she had turned the corner, she looked back to see if anyone was watching.  When she saw that nobody was looking, she put her hands behind her back and snapped her fingers. 

          And with that she was off and running.  She was running so fast that you could not see anyone was there.  At last, she was at the edge of the sidewalk.  She looked right and then left, and she saw the bus going down the hill.  Then Jenny went behind the bushes and put her hands behind her back and this time, she snapped her fingers five times.  She vanished then and had become invisible.  She again snapped her fingers, two times now, and she was up in the air.  Of course, you couldn’t see her.   She flew over the houses and cars for a shortcut.  Finally the bus was in sight.  She flew over to the bus and lowered herself down behind the tree by a house in the front yard.  She watched the person who was being dropped off.  To Jenny’s surprise, her friend Hanna jumped out.

          “Oh no!” thought Jenny.

          Jenny was concentrating so hard on Jenny that she did not see the bus roll away.  Jenny tried to hide from Hanna, but Hanna saw her from behind the tree. 

          “Jenny!” screamed Hanna.

          She ran over to the tree.  “I have been so worried!  Where were you?”

          “Well,” said Jenny.  I….I ….I drove here.  Yeah, I drove here,” lied Jenny.

          “Really?  Who drove you?”

          “Well…do you promise not to tell?”

          “I have to know what it is,” said Hanna.

          “I have super powers,” whispered Jenny.

          “You what?!” exclaimed Hanna.  “I can’t believe you!  A very long time ago, we promised each other we would never keep secrets from each other.  I am so telling everyone I know about you!”

          “NO!  Please don’t!” begged Jenny.

          “No, I’m telling everyone,” said Hanna.  And that was the end of that.