I Flew A Magic Carpet To Florida

Krista Wycinsky
I flew a magic carpet to Florida.  I snuck out one night and left a note saying, "I've gone to Florida.  If you need me, I will be there.  Love, Krista"  I brough a suitcase and everything I needed when I got to Florida, I landed my magic carpet at the airport.  I tried to fold it in to the shape of an airplane so no one would take it.  I got into a hotel called The Sunrise Moonlit Hotel, because it was open every single day and night.  I checked in.  I got the last room available.  Right when I headed to my room there was a commotion at the lobby because there were no rooms left. 

"I'm glad I got a room." I said.  The room that I was in was not as nice as the others.  "But I'll do." I  said.  But then outside I heard screaming.  I looked out the window and I saw robbers outside and they were tying up children and throwing them.  I yelled and banged on the window.  The window cracked open.  I jumped out and I saved the children!  I went back in my room and went to sleep.  That was my magic carpet adventure.