International Day

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International Day- September 22 & 23rd

For those who have no idea or have not attended an International Day before, it is an International Friendship meeting held every year in September. The Grand Bethels of Washington and BC hold an open meeting and preform a ceremony. This is a one of a kind event in our Organization, and a very special event that we all love to attend each year.

This year it will be held in Washington state (it switches each year.. so next year it is in BC). There is an open meeting, followed by a Dinner then Dance and Sleepover. The costs for this event are as follows.

$30 CAN for the dinner

 $36 CAN for both the dinner and dance/ or Dinner, dance and sleepover.

We will be discussing travel arrangements at the 1st meeting.

Daughters - if you are registering with the Bethel- WE NEED NUMBERS ASAP as the date for registration is SATURDAY the 8th and the payment in CAN is to be turned in to the Bethel at the first meeting (September 13th).

 Please let the Bethel Guardian know If you are ATTENDING AND REGISTERING with the BETHEL!

Fall 2018 Term Plan

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Hello all, the calendar has been updated and you can now upload the June 2018 to January 2019 term plan from the Term Information downloads.

Daughters Driving Daughters . . .

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Good Morning . Just a reminder that Daughters are NOT allowed to drive other Daughters to and from Jobie events. 

If you have any questions, please email me.

Mrs. Phenix

Appropriate Dress, Food & Drink . . .

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Hello. At the practice we had a bit of a gab session with the girls. I am passing it on for everyone’s benefit and as a friendly reminder. Meeting wear means dresses that are longer than your finger tips when your arms are straight down by your sides. No food or drinks are to be brought into the Bethel Room. This applies to all Masonic concordance bodies, not just Jobies. These two guidelines apply to Jobies and Adults.

Mrs. Phenix

Fundraisers & Invitations . . .

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Check out the "Invites & Forms" section for the latest Invitations and Fundrasing events!

Collect your postage stamps . . .

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Please remember to save your postage stamps & Campbell's Soup labels and bring them to Emma-Lee at any meeting. The Order of the Eastern Star use the proceeds from the sale of these stamps to make cancer dressing for patients. The Daughters of the Nile uses the proceeds from the Campbell's soup labels to donate to the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Does your Bethel have a Permenent Record book in need of repair?

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Centennial Bookbinding does a wonderful job of repairing and restoring old books. They rebound ours for just $70! Check out their webpage: Centennial Bookbinding - #1 1493 Crown Street, North Vancouver.

The New Website is up . .

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Welcome to our new website!

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