Research Projects and Publications

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Maschi, T., Morgen, K., Zgoba, K., Courtney, D., & Ristow, J. (2011). Trauma, stressful life events, and post traumatic stress symptoms: Do subjective experiences matter? The Gerontologist. doi:10.1093/geront/gnr074


Maschi, T., Dennis, K., Gibson, S., MacMillan, T., Sternberg, S., & Hom, M. (2011). Trauma and stress among older adults in the criminal justice system: A review of the literature with implications for social work. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 54, 347-360.


Maschi, T., Gibson, S., Zgoba, K., & Morgen, K. (2011). Trauma and life event stressors among young and older adult prisoners. Journal of Correctional Health Care, 17(2), 160-172.


Maschi, T. & Gibson, S. (2011). Schema behind bars: Trauma, age, and ethnicity and offenders’ world assumptions. Traumatology.DOI: 1534765610395626.


Maschi, T., & Killian, M. (2011). The evolution of forensic social work in the United States: Implications for 21st century practice. Journal of Forensic Social Work, 1(1), 8-36.


Maschi, T., & Schwalbe, C. (in press). Unraveling probation officers’ practices with youth with histories of trauma. Social Work Research.


Maschi, T., Perillo, J., & Courtney, D. (in press). Releasing their stories: A qualitative study of juvenile justice youth with histories of mental health issues and violence. Journal of Forensic Social Work.


Maschi, T., MacMillan, T., Pardasani, M., Lee, J., & Moreno, C. (in press). A bachelor’s of social work oral history project with older adults with diverse immigration histories. Educational Gerontology.


Maschi, T., & Youdin, R. (2012). Social worker as researcher: Integrating research with advocacy. Boston: Pearson Publishing.


Maschi, T., Bradley, C., & Ward, K. (Eds). (2009). Forensic social work: Psychosocial and legal issues in diverse practice settings. New York: Springer Publishing Company.



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Schwalbe, C., & Maschi, T. (2012). Probation officers’ perspectives on interagency collaboration for juvenile offenders with mental health problems. Psychiatric Services, 63(8), 630-633.


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