I have co-taught two classes at Dartmouth College through the Foreign Studies Program: Tropical Biology (Costa Rica) and Marine Biology (Little Cayman). These courses were both field-intensive programs where students designed, conducted, presented, and wrote scientific studies. 

I have led two lab courses at Dartmouth: Animal Behavior (Bio27) and Genetic Variation and Evolution (Bio15)

Lecture courses I have TA'd for include: Animal Behavior (Bio27),  Genetic Variation and Evolution (Bio15), Aquatic Ecology (Bio53), and Vertebrate Geobiology (G404, Indiana University). 

I have guest lectured in other classes at Dartmouth including: Evolutionary Ecology (Bio60) and Vertebrate Zoology (Bio24)

Teaching about bat morphology at El Companario Research Station, Costa Rica (Photo courtesy of D. Klinges)

Dartmouth students observing wildlife in Palo Verde, Costa Rica