Personal Philosophy
I believe that the best way to further knowledge and understanding of the world is to foster enthusiasm and interest in science to the public. This means not only taking any opportunities to teach about science, but also interacting positively with communities, classrooms, and local organizations as often as possible. 

Throughout my time at Dartmouth, I was involved with Meghan Wilson's science classes at Hartford High School. Check out their class webpage here

Science Day Table on Pollinators and Colors

Specific Outreach

BioBlitz Herp Leader, Marsh-Billings Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge                                                    2016

Science Panel, middle school                                                                                                                        2016

Science Day Table, open to K-12, Dartmouth College                                                                            2015

Science Panel, high school                                                                                                                             2014

Science Fair Judge, Lyme School, 6th and 7th grade                                                                               2014

Science Career Panel, middle-school                                                                                                          2013

WildCare Inc. Volunteer and Co-Team Leader                                                                                         2011-2012

WildCamp Co-Director (2011) and Counselor (2011 and 2012)                                                      2011 and 2012

Science Night and Classroom Presentation at the Bloomington Project School                           2011

Local Outreach: Effects of eutrophication on painted turtles                                                            2010 and 2011

Participant in Biodiversity Survey at Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area                                     2010

South Africa and Botswana Conservation Volunteer                                                                           2009