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Postdoctoral Researcher at Penn State University, Miller Lab
Email: bethreinke510 at
Twitter: @BA_Reinke

I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in visual signaling, pigment physiology, and the evolution of color diversity. My approaches combine field studies, laboratory experiments, and modeling. My current postdoc work in the Miller Lab investigates senescence in ectotherms using mark-recapture datasets, including my own ongoing nine-year painted turtle study in Wisconsin. 

I have worked primarily with turtles, frogs, and lizards and am expanding my research to include other diverse taxa. I received my PhD in 2017 from Ryan Calsbeek's lab at Dartmouth College. My dissertation work targeted the non-signaling functions of integumentary pigments in vertebrates, especially their antioxidant roles.       


January 2019: I'm at #SICB2019 (the conference for the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology) in oh-so-warm Tampa. Let me know if you're here and are interested in meeting! 

ALSO: check out this new paper on Anolis by Yasmeen Erritouni, an amazing undergrad I had the pleasure of working with at Dartmouth. 

November 2018: I visited Indiana University (my alma mater) to give a seminar and discuss career decisions with students in the Individualized Major Program. 

July 2018: Commentary piece on publication overlap in EEB. Check it out here and tell me what you think on Twitter (@BA_Reinke)

July 2018: Finished off the Wisconsin turtle study with a record number of captures! Back to the lab.

June 2018: After a quick stay at Fred Janzen's turtle camp on the Mississippi River, I'm en route to Wisconsin for my annual painted turtle mark-recapture study. 

May 2018: I am near Lassen National Forest in California, helping out on a 30+ year study of garter snake populations in the region. Check out my twitter (@BA_Reinke) for more about the project #snakecamp 

May 2018: New paper out in Herpetologica on plastron variation in diamondback terrapins! 

May 2018: I am a featured researcher on ICB's blog

March 2018, I started a postdoc in Dave Miller's lab at Penn State.

Also in March, I was a featured speaker in Michigan's Early Career Scientist Symposium on the Ecology and Evolution of Color. See more here

February 2018: New paper out on Anolis egg pigments

Reinke holding a painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) in Wisconsin
Color-Matching at the Stuart-Fox Lab (Univ. of Melbourne). A laptop, spectrometer, and sheets of paper with different colors of paint swatches are on the lab bench.