You can place an order every Sunday.  Your gift cards will be delivered the following Sunday.
Please check delivery schedule at the Gift Card Table during Perfect Blends Coffee Fellowship.

FREE Money for Bethany

If you buy groceries, you can join those already earning FREE money for Bethany. Simply stop by Fellowship Hall with check or cash to purchase grocery store gift cards. There is no extra cost to you.

Your weekly $100 grocery budget for one year pays Bethany as follows:

        Walmart or Target (2.5% commission from retailer) = $130

        Whole Foods (3.0% commission from retailer) = $156

        Giant or Weis (5.0% commission from retailer) = $260

        50 Bethany Families grocery shopping weekly at Giant equals $13,000 FREE money for Bethany.

Please consider ordering your gift cards from us. The gift cards not only make good gifts but can be used for your daily shopping for groceries at Target, dinner at Maggiano’s, and coffee at Starbucks.  Your purchase of gift cards helps raise money for a much-needed climate control system for Fellowship Hall.

Stop by the gift card table during Perfect Blends coffee fellowship or email to request details. You can also find a link to our website on the church’s homepage.

To date, $5,735.96 has been raised through this new program.

For more information, please contact Thank you in advance for your support.

The Finance Committee