Colin 6:30

“Dom!”  I shouted. I can’t wait to show him some of the new parkour moves I learned. I wonder who those two girls are with him…

“Hey Colin” Dom says. The girl he was walking with walks over to, who I assume to be, her friend. 

“Sup man?” I ask

“Not much really. Hanging out with Amber, and her friend now to I guess.” He says in a bit of an irritated tone.

“Who’s her friend? She looks pretty chill.” I say.  I’ve never seen her around Abington before. She must go to school with my brother.  “How do I not know her?” I ask myself.

“I don’t know just some chick she dragged along. I’m here for Amber though.” He said slowly starting to head over to them.  I follow. “Sweet” I think.

When we get closer I instantly walk up to her. “Hey I’m Colin” I say and flash my best smile and cross my arms so my muscles are visible.  That’s gotta impress her a bit.

“Hey. I’m Beth” she answers and immediately shifts her attention to her phone. 

I start to show everyone my parkour moves and handstands. That’s gotta impress her a little bit. I mean who wouldn’t be impressed? I’m awesome. But every time I look over she is hardly even glancing at me. Whatever, I’m going to get to know here weather she makes it easy or not.