Beth 5:50

posted Jan 6, 2012, 9:37 AM by Bethany H

I’ve been home all day and practically going insane with boredom when my phone goes off. 

Amber: Hey! Beth you wanna play Manhunt tonight at Abington?

Excited I quickly replied yes, dressed myself in dark colors and went to meet up with her.   When I saw her I was instantly confused. Amber was dressed in bright colors and not wearing shoes good for playing manhunt. “Hey Beth” she greeted me happily.

“Hey, aren’t we playing Manhunt tonight?” I asked her.

“Weeell about that...I’m meeting up with Dom instead. He’s really cute and I wanted to hangout with him. You can hangout with us to though!” She said looking down at her feet.

“Uh sure. That’s fine” I replied. Great I’m going to be dragged around with Amber as a third wheel.  We walked quickly to the other side of the high school and saw Dom waiting there for her.  “Dom!” she squealed happily running up to hug him. I awkwardly stood there as she introduced me and then focused only on him. We were just wondering around when we hear someone shouting “Dom!”

Looking over to the side of the building there is this big group of guys all standing around. This Skinny ‘gangster’ looking boy walks over and starts talking to Dom. He looks, sounds, and is acting obnoxious. I really hope he doesn’t hangout with us to.